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Slide Scanning Pros

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In 1992, August 24 to be exact, my family went through the devastation of Hurricane Andrew. One of the greatest losses I experienced was some sentimental pictures. Some of my pictures were “glued” to frames and others had mold issues. I also had a rather large collection of 35mm slides my father had taken during his service in Vietnam and through my childhood. I felt they were destroyed.

Fast forward to today.

Had I known there was a service available to help me restore those slides, I wouldn’t be writing this as a “hind site” entry.

Instead, it would have been about how Slide Scanning Pros saved the day!

I stumbled upon their site today and I have to say, it’s one of the best things a little more than a US Quarter can buy.

Check out what 26 cents gets you:

Your images scanned at a full 4000 dpi.

16 bits of color for each color channel.

Red, Green, and Blue each gets 16 bits for a total of 48 bits during our entire workflow. (281.5 trillion colors)
Color, grain, fading, sharpening, and white balance correction as needed (no charge). (GEM, ROC etc)
Removal of dust, fingerprints, hair, or speckles from images (no charge) with digital ICE.
Your slide converted to a digital file (.png format, which is a lossless compression that is widely used and can be opened by any computer or web browser)

We don’t normally use TIFF because .tiff files are larger than the .png files.

We also include jpeg versions which are easy to email and upload but are lossy.

However, these are your images so we will save them in any format you can imagine at your request.
Rotating each slide image to the proper orientation.
Arranging the images into appropriate order or groups as requested, and labeling each folder as you have them labeled.
Cropping of each image to give a nice edge.
Uploading to a photo album website – you get your own personal password protected area. This is where you can see thumbnails of your pictures before you pay for them). From there you can download your jpeg images or keep them on our server. Do whatever you want with them instantly. We can also burn them to DVD-R, or, optionally, we can sell you a USB external hard drive, which puts them all in one place for you.
All of the scanning is done here in the USA. The turn around time is as quick as possible, consistent with doing high quality work. See the “update” in the left column for our current times.
You will get email updates directly from the image technician doing your job. They will keep you informed of the status of your order and also send you image samples so you can make sure the scanning is turning out exactly how you want it.

All for just 26¢ each.

Yup, that’s taken directly from the Slide Scanning Pros website

So dig out those all slides and give them life! I’ll be envious, but I’m thinking Dad might have a few hundred slides I can talk him into giving me…

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