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Sleep Deprivation in Teenagers – Obvious Signs and Remedies

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 Like eating and drinking healthy, an adequate amount of sleep is also as essential and acts as a foundation for our overall well-being. However, as adults, we are quite familiar with the concept of sleep deprivation. A vital deadline here and early meeting there and our sleep cycle takes a toss. Even as adults, not getting enough sleep is unhealthy, but it is even worse for teenagers. Even though they are lazing about in their affordable full size mattress all the time, they aren’t getting enough sleep.

According to CDC or Centers for Disease Control, it was reported that almost 70 percent of high school students in America are found to be sleep-deprived and sleep for less than 7 hours, where they require 8-10 hours of peaceful rest. 

teenage boy with horizon in sun lightteenage boy with horizon in sun light

What Causes Sleep Deprivation In Teenagers?

According to the CDC, some of the most common causes include; 

Consuming too many sodas every day 

Lack of exercise 

Spending a lot of time in front of the computer or on the phone

Getting into physical violence 

Smoking marijuana or cigarettes

Consuming alcohol 

Dealing with mental health issues, such as depression 

Frequent change in schedule 

Facing too much pressure in school or at home, such as pressure to perform well in school

Part-time jobs 

Too much homework 

Common Signs Of Sleep Deprivation In Teenagers 

Falling Asleep In School 

If you have been getting frequent complaints that your kid ends up sleeping in the classroom, then it can be an obvious sign of sleep-deprivation. 

Too Moody 

Teenagers are already moody creatures. Maybe, that’s because of their age, stuck in the middle where there are not yet adults but not kids either. However, if you notice that your kid has been exceptionally moody, then it might be because of sleep loss. They behave cranky, moody, and irritable. 

Productivity Goes Down 

Chronic sleep deprivation can adversely affect our kids’ ability to concentrate; their academic performance might go down and lead to poor decision making. If this continues, it might so happen that your child might lose interest in the activities that once excited them and might even stop going to school. 

They Are Gaining Weight 

Sleep deprivation can cause obesity because they are unable to muster any courage to exercise since lack of sleep makes them tired, and they end up consuming more calories than they need. 

It Shows On The Skin

Even teenagers can suffer from dark circles and puffy eyes due to lack of sleep. That’s one of the first tell-tale signs. Acne is also one of the side-effects of sleep loss because the immune system becomes weak and can make one more open to acne-causing bacteria. 

Some other side effects include; 

Driving accidents because of sleep

Anxiety and panic attacks 


Unable to make decisions or poor decision making 

Risk-taking behavior 


Slow reflexes 

Weakened immune system 

sleep deparation in teenagers represnted by teenage boy with backpack

How To Deal With Sleep Deprivation In Teenagers?

Quality Mattress 

This might seem pretty obvious, but having a quality mattress can really help your kid sleep better. Today, you will find plenty of affordable full-size mattresses. So, if you think the one in your kids’ room has gone lumpy and old, perhaps it is time to switch. Right from futons to king-size mattresses, there are plenty of options. Now, are you wondering how big a king size mattress is? It can be anywhere between 76 to 80 inches. If you think it is too big, you can also go for a queen size mattress. It is not as big as the king but is roomy for your growing kid. 

teebager reading in pjs on netar mattress

Ban Electronics From Bedroom

Today, we live in a tech-savvy world, and no matter what, you cannot keep your kid completely away from the electronics. But, you can at least come up with a rule to ban electronics in their bedroom or before bedtime. This method will help curb their attention and ensure they are ready for a good night’s sleep. 

Discourage Naps In The Noon 

Currently, because of the pandemic, schools have also shifted online, which means your kid has a lot of time in hand, but nothing much to do. This can lead to an afternoon napping session, messing up their sleep cycle. So, make sure you discourage that. And, if you think your kid is too bored, then come up with fun activities you can do together at home. 

Say No To Caffeine 

Maybe there was an assignment due, or your teen wanted to enhance productivity, and they relished a cup of hot coffee. But, too much caffeine can interfere with sleep and mess up the cycle. Therefore, limit the consumption of caffeine. 

Finally, if nothing else works, it is time to consult a healthcare practitioner because there might be an underlying problem that could be causing sleep loss, such as sleepwalking, narcolepsy, frequent nightmares, sleep apnea, and more. So, if your teen is continuing to have sleep problems, now you know what to do. 

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