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Simple Home Security Upgrades You Can Do While the Kids Are Napping

Parents tend to have little time to themselves, so when a few spare moments do become available, it’s important to make the most of them.

One practical way to make the most of those precious periods when the little ones are snoozing is to address home security issues.

There are lots of options to consider, so here are a few steps to prioritize if you want to improve the safety and security of your home without spending a fortune.

door knob with security lock


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Upgrade old door locks

You don’t need to replace an entire door to bring it into the 21st century. Instead, it’s worth investing in the latest door lock hardware to swap out older components for fresh, new equivalents.

There are many more control options for modern tech in this niche, such as smart locks and wireless entry solutions. Of course, even a traditional, manually operated replacement lock will instantly make you feel more secure.

Install solar power outdoor lighting

Ideally, you don’t want any interlopers making it to your front door, and casual crooks can be dissuaded with a simple motion-activated outdoor security light mounted on your porch, above your garage, or in another suitable spot on your property.

The easiest option out there is a solar-powered motion-sensing light, of which there are many examples on the market, says Pocket Lint. That way, you need to attach the unit to a wall and won’t have to worry about running any power cables to it to get it up and running.

Pick secure padlocks

Padlocks are a quick and convenient way to protect certain parts of your home, such as sheds and garages. However, not all padlocks are created equal, and if you’ve got a generic, inexpensive, or aging example, buying a better quality, brand-new replacement is sensible.

According to Venture Beats, there are various small and portable padlocks out there, and it’s worth stretching your budget to select one that features a shrouded shackle, which basically means that it can’t be defeated with bolt cutters.

Tidy away valuables

This is less of a home security upgrade and more of a tip for avoiding the attention of criminals; if you leave valuables on display, whether in your yard or through your ground floor windows, this will increase the chances of a theft attempt.

While the kids are napping, tidying away things like bikes, skateboards, and garden maintenance equipment from outdoors is worthwhile.

Also, consider whether a quick peek through your living room window would let a passerby see expensive items on full display and rethink their positioning to keep them out of sight. A media unit with opaque doors that hides consoles and kids games, for instance, could be a good investment in this context.

home security camera

Add a safe to your closet

Speaking of keeping valuables out of reach, another good buy for people with young children is safe. This isn’t just about keeping thieves away from your precious possessions but also about giving you a place to store items you don’t want the kids to get their hands on.

There’s no need to go overboard with your safe choice. Select a small model that can be placed on the floor of a closet so that it is out of sight and not accessible to any other members of the household.

The bottom line

Home security improvements don’t need to be difficult to do or come with a steep price tag. You’ll feel the benefits immediately and won’t worry that you’ve wasted the time that’s available to you when your kids are tucked up in bed.

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