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Signs of Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism is a problem experienced by 15 million adults every year, and it will result in 3.3 million deaths annually. This disease is marked by a pattern of alcohol drinking that results in a life where drinking alcohol is the goal. Experts at centers such as say that the individual becomes preoccupied with drinking to the point that it ruins their life. Learn more about how to recognize the signs of alcoholism here.

Reckless Behavior

It is a common conception that alcoholics will hit rock bottom before they seek treatment or are forced into it. They are drunk a lot. They don’t see reason and the rational side of life as often as they used to. They won’t know that this is a problem until something big and bad happens. That is often the result of reckless behavior.

Drinking is frequently the cause of many negative consequences, even when the individual isn’t an alcoholic. One is more likely to get into trouble with the law, spend too much, or drink more often than they usually would once they start drinking for the day.

There is the reward of blocking out pain and not having to handle life. That is why many people have that glass of wine at dinner. When that happens more frequently, reckless behavior increases with alcohol use, and the problem becomes a disastrous addiction.

Withdrawal Symptoms Daily

It takes some time for an individual to reach the point where they wake up in the morning and have to start drinking. But it does happen. There are many reasons for that. Dependency is one of them.

When someone is sick daily because they can’t get alcohol, the only treatment in their minds is getting more alcohol. That takes some withdrawal symptoms away. It is even joked about, “Drink more to cure the hangover.” When you see someone being sick so often after drinking and then drinking more, it’s a sign that withdrawal is running their life.

Alcoholism written under torn paper.

Relationship Problems

Relationship problems are a natural cause of alcoholism because alcoholics will reach the point where their alcoholism becomes their biggest priority. They begin drinking in the mornings, on the way to work, at work, after work, before bed. Many even wake up in the middle of the night to drink.

It is natural for a human being in their life to say, “Maybe you should cut back a little.” That will happen more and more often as the disease progresses and relationships begin to slide in tragic ways. When an individual has lost many key relationships over time, it’s a sign they may be an alcoholic.

Cross Substance Abuse

It is not uncommon for alcoholics to begin using other drugs during their addiction. An alcoholic will become tolerant to alcohol and will need more to achieve the same impacts on their minds. When they can’t do that, they may seek other things to get that high or relaxed state that alcohol once provided them.

This is a sign that the disease is out of control.

Get Treatment for Alcohol Use

These are just a few of the most obvious signs of alcohol use. Centers such as know there are so many more in this complex problem. If you notice this problem in yourself or with a loved one, seek support for treatment. The bottom of a glass isn’t a solution. A comprehensive treatment plan can help you to see what is important and fun in life again.


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