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6 Ways to Show Love to Your Pet

As a pet parent, you probably have your pet on your mind, 24/7. I know I do. One thing many pet parents wonder about is if they are showing enough love to their pet. From the time you spend with them to what you feed them, there are many ways to show your little pooch just how much you love them.

We all want to make our pets feel special, so if you’re looking for ways to show your animal how much they mean to you, here are some things that will definitely put a smile on their face:

woman kissing dog

1. Feed them the best treats

Have you noticed how much your pet loves a specific treat? It may be a pricier one but if you know how much they love them, consider keeping some for special occasions or when they’re especially good. As you look for pet food and treats, make sure to keep dangers that can harm your pet in mind. There are certain foods not safe for dogs such as grapes, chocolate, and cooked bones, that can impact their health. CBDfx has some particularly good CBD treats for pets that also offer calming effects, perfect for those pets who struggle with separation anxiety. And if your pup does happen to miss you a little extra when you’re gone, consider investing in a Pet Acoustics sound machine.

2. Try to take them to do activities you know they love

Did you recently discover how much your pet loves the sand? Whether you have a beach nearby or simply a cool park with a sandbox or volleyball spot with sand for them to play in, it could be the best fun they’ll ever have. Maybe, you can’t take them to do these activities all the time but if your pup or cat has shown you that they enjoy an activity, try to fit in as much as possible.

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3. Spend time with them

We live busy lives. It can be hard to find the time to spend with your pet but it’s important. Just as you need to spend time with those you love, so too does your pet. They at least need you to be present, even if you can’t be there playing or paying close attention to them. Try your best to fit fun outings with them—they’ll appreciate it, even if they can’t tell you so.

4. Use facial expressions with them

It’s a little-known fact but your dog is communicating with you through their face. Communicate back with them with your face—more specifically your eyebrows. If you want to hold a “conversation” with your pooch, use your eyebrows. This may all sound a bit woo-woo, but you may be surprised that it’s revealed to be true.

5. Sleep with them

Some of you may have strict rules about the bed and that’s okay. If not, consider allowing your pet to sleep with you. Just as sleep is a vulnerable experience for humans, so too is it for your pet. For puppy parents, you may have seen how your puppy demanded to sleep you with when they were little. They wanted to be a part of your pack, and allowing them to sleep with you showed them they were.

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6. Play with them

My pup loves to play. Unfortunately, I’m often busy and can’t always get around to simply playing with his toys in the house or playing catch me outside (his favorite game). However, when I do have the extra time, he absolutely loves to play with his Chewy dog toys, and I know this is one of his favorite activities. Making time to play cannot only be beneficial in showing them you love them. It can also be beneficial for you.

In Conclusion

Show your pet you love them through simple things, from treats to play time. Being a pet parent requires more dedication and time than many people realize but the love they return to you is more than worth it.

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