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Why You Should Send Birth Announcements

A birth announcement is a notice sent to friends and family by the parents of the baby within the first year of the baby’s birth. It can either be sent in a custom baby announcement or a baby photo announcement.

A typical birth announcement or a baby announcement includes a variety of informative items such as; the baby’s name, their birth date and time, one or more pictures of the baby, the location of where the baby was born, and the names of the parents and other close family members or relatives, etc. Sending out birth announcements is not a common practice among a lot of people, but it is gaining traction and becoming more and more popular nowadays.

Here are some of the key factors as to why you should send birth announcements in 2021;

birth announcement for Maisie turner

It’s A Lot Easier

The main advantage of sending out a birth announcement is that your loved ones can see the baby, and at the same time, they can use the pictures you send them for display purposes. Displaying pictures offline nowadays can prove to be a hectic ordeal. First, you have to look through countless pictures to find the one you genuinely like, and then you have to send this digital file to a print store and wait for the picture to be delivered to you before you can frame or display them. All of this means that if you decide to post a picture of your baby online, your relatives and loved ones would have to go through a lot in order to get a good picture to frame. So, mailed baby announcements can greatly help your relatives and close friends in that regard.

No One Will Be Left Behind

Another major advantage of using birth announcements is that nobody will be left out of the loop while you share this important life event with them. As we all know, in today’s world, social media is a way more convenient place to announce major life events and changes to all of your co-workers, relatives, and close friends. But we often forget about those people who are not active on social media and if they might not get to view your baby’s pictures for one reason or another.

This can offend them greatly or make them feel like they were left out of the loop for one reason or another, and all of this can lead to a lot of misunderstandings. So it would be wise to make a list of all the people who are important in your life before you go into labor to make sure that everyone is included in the beautiful event and no one feels left out.

No-Risk Of Identity Theft

One significant advantage of using birth announcements is that you can put all of your baby’s info on the card without worrying about it leading to identity theft. If you post this information online, you run the risk of this information being stolen by hackers and other unwanted parties who can use it for their gain. Hence, online announcements limit the information you can share with your family and close friends. Mailed baby announcements give you the advantage that you can share any information you want about the baby with your close friends and relatives, like the baby’s date of birth and their pictures, just to name a few.

All of these advantages make the case that you should send birth announcements to all your co-workers, relatives, and close friends.


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