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Scentsy Has Limited Edition Father’s Day Bundles!

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Step inside my house, and you will notice that scent warmers are one of our favorite things. Not only do they add decoration, but they also fill the home with amazing fragrances. Scentsy is our favorite.

Flameless wax candle warms by Scentsy are safe, and the scent bars are complex aromas. Burn for just thirty minutes and enjoy the scent for hours. We love the variety of warmers and scents. They are so unique, from the design to complement the decor to personality, to the scent that makes your home yours.

scentsy mid-century warmer with light on

Often men are overlooked when it comes to scents. My husband is obsessed with making our home smell amazing. He takes great care in selecting fragrances that give our home a personal touch. I love listening to MacKenzie and him discuss what scent bar is currently filling our home. Sometimes they agree, and sometimes it’s a crazy conversation trying to persuade the other to let their scented wax in the tray!

We all know that squishing spiders, banishing monsters from under the bed, and running the kiddos to sports practice and back makes Dad the original superhero.


Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17 and Scentsy Has Limited Edition Dad’s Day Gifts to pay him tribute.


Choose from two dad-approved bundles (buy the warmer, get three Scentsy Bars FREE!)!

Our favorite is the Midcentury Father’s Day Bundle $50 USD/$66 CAD.

It includes:

scentsy mid-century father's day bundle

  • Midcentury Warmer
  • Bergamot & Solar Driftwood Scentsy Bar
  • Vanilla Oud Scentsy Bar
  • Weathered Leather Scentsy Bar

scentsy mid-century father's day bundle

I love the Scentsy Midcentury Warmer. It has a rustic charm. It reminds me of old architecture with flat panes and large glass windows. It’s simple. It seems to integrate nature and the home. The bronze metal cage reflects the light and the glass cylinder with bubbles throughout gives this warmer a charming focus.

scentsy mid-century father's day bundle shine glow

The three fragrances appeal to my husband. The scent quality is fantastic, and the scents are complex.

scentsy mid-century father's day bundle three limited edition scents

My husband’s favorite is the Bergamot & Solar Driftwood Scentsy Bar. This scent is spa-like with masculine undertones. It has the deep woodsy aroma we love Bergamot for, and it pairs perfectly with the notes of dark, rich citrus. It has an earthy smell that’s not overwhelming. It’s quite relaxing.   

The Weathered Leather Scentsy Bar is like stepping into an old saddle shop. It has undertones of oak and mature leather. It has a deep smell. 

Finally, Vanilla Oud Scentsy Bar. This fragrance is earthy tendrils of oud wood, leather, and undertones of sweet vanilla. It’s not too sweet and not too musky. It’s a soft scent.

Scentsy also offers an MLB Father’s Day Bundle $50 US/$66 CAD for the dad who’s all about Baseball.

Choose from 15 Major League Baseball™ Warmers and get three Scentsy Bars free.

Father's Day Scentlsy MLB warmer with three free scent bars


Pick your team:

Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Houston Astros, LA Dodgers, Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers, Washington Nationals, Boston Red Sox, Kansas City Royals, New York Mets, New York Yankees, San Francisco Giants, St. Louis Cardinals or Toronto Blue Jays.

And get three free:

These masculine fragrances are ONLY available for our Father’s Day gift specials, while supplies last! Don’t miss out.

Scentsy Scent bars are made of high-quality paraffin wax for long-lasting fragrance. Each Scentsy Bar is composed of eight break-apart cubes designed to use with any Scentsy Warmer. As the cubes melt, they fill your space with Scentsy exclusive scents, inspiring imagination and memories. Safe to use — no wick, flame, smoke, or soot.

Scentsy warmers have a lifetime guarantee. It’s a great guarantee. If something happens to your warmer, Scentsy will replace it with the same one OR let you buy one that cost as much as the original purchase price. No hassle. No problems. No questions.

Scentsy is sold worldwide through independent Consultants. To order, contact your Scentsy Consultant or visit to find a Consultant near you.

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Dana Rodriguez

Monday 14th of May 2018

I really love the Midcentury Warmer. This would be a nice addition to an office or man cave!

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