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My Precious Kid Child Locator

Child Locator Alert

I’ve told you my youngest is a Houdini. He has no concept of boundaries, and, more than once, has disappeared sending me into a terror-stricken panic. He thinks it to be a game and his hiding is about the only time he is silent.

In April, we were sent a My Precious Kid Child Locator Alert. This adorable Teddy Bear works as a receiver. The Teddy Bear attaches to a shoe, or can be worn as a bracelet. The parent has a transmitter that chirps if your child is beyond the Teddy Bears range of 20-30 feet.

It arrived at the perfect time. I was sick, the weather was occasionally nice and Li’l Man was eager to feed his Spring Fever. We experimented with the Teddy Bear and determined it needed to go on his shoe because it was far more difficult for him to remove from here than his wrist.

The next thing we did is discuss what to do when the Teddy Bear beeped. I explained that the Teddy Bear would alert me if he broke the rule on where he could be. He didn’t believe me, so we put it on and I sent him up the stairs. Before he reached the top, the Tedd Bear chirped and my transmitter chirped.

We talked about how when he heard that he needed to freeze and say, “I’m right here”. He was to wait, and if he didn’t hear me, he was to sit down and wait for me to get to him.  Just to be sure he was focused, we practiced in the house. It went well.

It’s easy to work. As this video will demonstrate, the difficult part is putting it on the shoe!

Then he ventured outside. I was on the porch, and he went to play on the grass. The My Precious Kid Child Locator started beeping. We could see each other. Li’l Man stood up and said, “I’m right here.”

“I see you, Buddy! Good job! Move just a little closer to the porch, please.”

He moved closer, and the Child Locator Alert chirped again as he began to play. It was the same routine. By the fifth time, Li’l man had forfeited the “I’m right here” and said, “Oh, Come On! I’m right here! I’m not going anywhere!”

We turned it off because it was making him a nervous wreck–though quite entertaining to me!

We tried My Precious Kid Child Locator Alert several times around the home, but the 20-30 foot radius wasn’t enough to work well for us. The Child Locator chirped incessantly!

Li’l Man and I take my grandmother on her errands. Li’l Man is a Wild Banshee in Walmart. It’s like he’s a scout going ahead, checking out the next town (aisle). It’s too much and he gets out of sight quickly which then becomes a game. Here’s where My Precious Kid Child Locator came back into my life.

We talked again about the rules of the Teddy Bear. Li’l Man was less than thrilled we were doing it again, but I’m the Mom.

I put it on his shoe before we left the house to take Charlotte the Great to Walmart to find towels. It didn’t take long in the store for the chirping to start. Li’l Man froze in his tracks. He waited. It happened twice and then he realized I wasn’t taking it off. It was too much, and so he fell in line next to Grandma, and it was a pleasant trip.

Each week, we followed this same practice. Li’l Man was a pro, and the Child Locator seldom chirped. He was right there next to us. My grandma was impressed with this new behavior and life was simpler.

Then, we went to Target as a family. I failed to put the Child Locator Alert on Li’l Man before leaving the house. When we got to Target, we designated our shopping plan. Boys with Dad, Girls with Mom. We went in separate directions. Then I heard my name over the loudspeaker to meet my part at Customer Service.

When I reached Customer Service, Li’l Man was standing there, tears running down his cheeks and he rushed to me, gave me a hug and wagged his finger at me, “Momma, you forgot my Teddy Bear and no one knew where I was!”

I’m still not big on the 20-30 feet radius. It’s too close to use at home; however, when we’re out and about, the My Precious Kid Child Locator is a great device and keeps my child near me and gives me the freedom to help Grandma or look at something without the constant fear my child has vanished.

I love this product! Should we ever replace this one, we’ll get the My Precious Kid Child Locator Alert without the radius alert. It would fit into our lifestyle far better.

Keep relaxed and aware of your child’s whereabouts with the My Precious Kid Child Locator, a small two-unit wireless device. The cute, brown, teddy bear-shaped unit mounts easily to a child’s shoe or belt. Ideal in public environments such as malls, the unit communicates with a keychain transmitter you keep on hand. Whenever you notice that a child has wandered too far, you simply press the button on the keychain and the teddy bear receiver produces an audible alert that’s easy to track. 

The new ALERT feature will cause your remote keychain transmitter to chirp, alerting you that your child is out of sight.

blue teddy bear my precious child tracker


My Precious Kid Child Locator Details

  • Wireless child location.
  • Works from over 150-Feet away.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Alarm of 86 DB.
  • Long-life batteries already installed and ready to use.
  • Stylish and fun.

I received the item mentioned in this post as compensation. No other compensation was received. The opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.

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