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Melvin the Magnificent Molar

Melvin the Magnificent Molar
Book Review

We’re losing a lot of teeth at our house. MacKenzie’s looking like a jack-o-lantern, and Abi’s starting to lose her molars. The Tooth Fairy only pays for healthy teeth at our house–fillings weigh her down, so she charges for those. In other words, good healthy teeth pay–not just by the Tooth Fairy but in the whole scheme of life. Healthy gums and teeth make for a beautiful smile, and good oral care is worth the effort–nothing hurts worse than a bad tooth!

We recently received Melvin the Magnificent Molar, and we love this book! Written by Julia Cook and Laura Jana, MD, with darling illustrations by Allison Valentine, Melvin makes oral care fun and going to the dentist a rewarding adventure.

 Li’l Man gets it in at least once during the day when it’s just he and the Mom.

Melvin the Magnificent Molar is an excellent story about keeping your teeth clean before they turn green. It teaches good oral hygiene and that going to the dentist is a great and fun adventure.

Melvin, the Magnificent Molar, talks about how important brushing teeth is and what happens at the dentist, and about the Tooth Fairy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mention that you have to pay for fillings, but I’ve covered that angle. ;)

My girls were excited about the back of the book–it has instructions on how to have the Tooth Fairy send a personalized, autographed letter to your child thanking them for taking good care of their teeth.

To preview and purchase this book go to Melvin the Magnificent Molar retails for just $9.99; The authors will personally sign every book you order!

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