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Frecklebox Lunchbox Review

Frecklebox Lunch Box Review

My kiddos are unique. I’ve raised them to be themselves. The process has had some hilarious moments! ALL of my children have LOVED the Gold Lame sequined “Elvis” Vest my mother made–ironically, it went with EVERYTHING–t-shirts, dress shirts, speedos. HOW they wore it is what made it unique.

While I believe in being “original,” my children have “common” names….and wouldn’t you know that they also sorta look like one another. :) Still, I want them to be their own person, to follow their own map, where, in the end, they are the treasure they seek.

This is what I LOVE about Frecklebox! EVERYTHING they have is unique and allows personalization.

When we learned, we would get to do a review for Frecklebox, and we were ready to throw a parade! We were so excited.

Li’l Man got to pick the item to review.

Frecklebox doesn’t advertise this, but I’ll let you in on a secret…they have an INTERACTIVE website. My Li’l Man was on their site for about two hours. He knows how to type his name, and so he would click on an item and click on the buttons until it let him type in his name, then “update,” and he was a stud-muffin! I *HAD* to look at everything he did…man, Frecklebox has a LARGE selection.

At one point, he thought he’d get something for one of his sisters, so he typed in her name. Voila! He made her a 16″x24″ personalized poster. He liked how the flowers spelled her name. “It’s so cool! Huh, Mom?”

He was a Frecklebox shop-a-holic. He picked out this personalized notebook for another sister. “She likes to draw.”

Li’l Man also noted that she has a pair of pants that match the cover, and she loves PINK!

Yup! It’s just PERFECT!

Then I told him he could only get ONE thing.

He looked at the journals, the puzzles, we read pages in the book–the STORYBOOKS are AWESOME; you can personalize it, so the story is about your child. I really, really tried to talk Li’l Man into the “My Name Is” Storybook. It has beautiful pictures and colors.

Li’l Man told me, “I already read it”…so we moved on…placemats and growth charts, stickers and clipboards. Seriously, Frecklebox has so many unique items.


Li’l Man decided.

We went through the checkout, which was smooth, fun and really easy….even for me who is NOT so much technically inclined. It was a snap, and we could see EXACTLY what were getting. I love that feature.

From the moment he ordered it, Li’l Man sat with his nose pressed to the window waiting for the UPS truck. He didn’t have to wait long; within three days (we’re talkin’ UPS days here), his package arrived.

He opened it up, and it was a grin generator!

frecklebox lunchbox review

Seriously! Look at the picture–his smile is as big as Cheshire cats!

Charlotte the Great was visiting, and Li’l Man wouldn’t let her touch it–she was only allowed to “look with your eyes””!

His choice was the personalized metal lunchbox and it. is. schnazzy!

Aside from Li’l Man’s grin, the first thing I noticed is just how bright and vivid the colors and picture are–beautiful primary colors!

frecklebox lunchbox review

The design Li’l Man picked is called Fireflies. It is stinkin’ cute! A night sky, a tree, fireflies in a jar, a full moon, a tent, and the most adorable frog adorn both the FRONT and BACK of the metal lunch box.

Li’l Man loves his name, and seeing it on his lunch box just made his day.

frecklebox lunchbox review

The second thing I love about this lunch box is that it takes personalization to a whole new level. I’ve seen personalized items where the name is displayed in one place, but on the Frecklebox lunch boxes, the name is not only on the FRONT of the box but also the SIDES and BACK!

frecklebox lunchbox review

Finally, this lunchbox is roomy. The box is deep, and it has a metal lock buckle. Li’l Man thinks that’s just the best part about it.

From the moment the Frecklebox arrived Li’l Man insisted he was hungry!

I kid you not. He’d follow me around with his lunch box, telling me he was hungry. When I told him, “No. We’ll be eating soon,” he tried to snooker me for a snack.

Finally, I gave in. To hold him over (until lunchtime), he helped me pack his lunch. It was a great bonding time for us. Li’l Man told me some grand adventure about the frog and fireflies on his box while I made his sandwich.

frecklebox lunchbox review

Look how well it all fits in the Frecklebox. Spacious! No need for expansions here. It’s roomy to go!

But it gets BETTER.

It was, at last, LUNCH TIME!

frecklebox lunchbox review

Li’l Man sat at the table, and I brought him his Frecklebox.

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