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Remembering DATE NIGHT

As the Mom to six children, I have not used the restroom or showered alone for the past five years. Tiny fingers creep under the door, or the rap-a-tap-tap on the door joined by “Mom!” always accompanies me.

I’ve been reading the same book for seven years. A sentence before someone needs a ride, a paragraph before someone needs a “boo-boo” kissed, a page before I’m the referee of bickering.

Occasionally, I catch a glimpse of this handsome man. He intrigues me. I think, in a past life, I might have known him… He is the person I leave notes on the counter as gentle reminders of band practice, soccer games, pick the kiddo up, last-minute “needs” to feed the gang, and sadly, these notes are our conversation. He seems a stranger in the midst of the chaotic comedy unfolding around me and yet, he is my husband.

I desperately need a date night to reacquaint myself with the amazing man I married. The reason I am called “MOM”. The person I consider my better half.

A date night where I get to be a grown-up…wear something besides finger-painted tee shirts and pudding smeared jeans.

A few hours where my hair is released from the tight ponytail and chortles with curls.

A date night where I smell like exotic fruits and florals instead of Clorox Disinfecting wipes.

A moment in time that is tranquil and I can relive over and over again when the evening has passed and I’m sitting in traffic trying to get to the school with a forgotten lunch, or on hold waiting to find out what time the PTA Meeting has been changed to. A moment in time when I tuck those little faces in, I remember why my heart wanted them and why I TRULY am the LUCKIEST Woman on Planet Earth!

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