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Relax Like Royalty: Get Comfy on a Long Bus Trip

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If you’re about to go on a long bus trip, you may be nervous about how you’ll pass the time. If you think you’ll be crammed in uncomfortably and unable to control your environment, you might also be dreading hours of discomfort.

The good news is that you can create an incredibly comfortable and fun experience on a long bus trip. Today’s charter buses have amenities that you certainly won’t find in a car, and you get to relax instead of having to worry about the driving.

long bus trip

So how, exactly, do you get comfortable on a long bus trip? Here are the tips and tricks you need.

Pack a Good Number of Snacks and Drinks

Your bus may make stops for refuelling at gas stations or other places where you can buy a snack or a meal, but you never know when that will happen. Skip the uncertainty by bringing your own snacks and drinks so that you’ll always be satisfied.

Remember, most long-haul buses include a restroom, so you don’t have to worry about drinking too much water between stops. You’ll also save a lot of money by bringing your own food. You won’t be walking into a fast food restaurant starving every time the bus stops!

Bring a Light Jacket or Blanket

The temperature in the bus may be kind of cold, especially if the air conditioner is running the whole time. A light jacket or blanket can be just what you need to stay comfortable. You don’t want anything too heavy or bulky, especially since some bus companies have limits on how much you can bring on board.

If you get too hot, most buses have an air vent above your seat. If that’s not enough or you know you tend to be hot often, bring a small handheld fan to keep yourself cool.

If you’re joining one of the bus tours from Toronto, be sure to find out the guidelines for what you can bring on the bus before you finish packing.

Have a Neck Pillow and Eye Mask

If you’ve planned an overnight bus ride, you’ll probably want to sleep. Even if you aren’t travelling overnight, a bus ride is a great time for a nap.

With a neck pillow to keep your neck and head comfortable, along with an eye mask to block the light, you’ll be relaxed and able to rest. One additional benefit is that if you appear to be sleeping, passengers around you will hopefully be quieter and respectful of your space.

relax on a long bus trip

Image by Michele Caballero Siamitras Kassube from Pixabay

Bring Headphones or Earplugs

Sometimes the chatter on the bus isn’t something you want to listen to. With earplugs or headphones (or both!) you can block it all out.

Whether you prefer to listen to soothing ocean waves, your favorite music, or simply have silence, being able to choose what you hear is a major part of being comfortable on your trip.

Take Time to Stretch On Your Long Bus Trip

No one feels comfortable sitting in one place for a long time. Your body was made for movement, so be sure to get up and stretch or walk the aisle every now and then. When the bus stops, take advantage of the opportunity to get off and move around for several minutes.

Keeping your blood flowing and everything limber will help you stay much more comfortable, no matter how long of a bus trip you have!

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