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Reflections as My Zac Turns Sixteen

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Oh, Son, where has the time gone? You seemed so little just yesterday and today, you’re finishing driver’s education so you can cruise in that groovy Oldsmobile!

Here are some reflections on your first year….some of the people who influenced our life…it’s all about YOU, as you came into our life and brought great joy!

You were our second and some things I’m sure I neglected…this is not evidence that I loved you any less than Jake. My hands were just fuller and my knowledge was greater–babies grow up!

Your FIRST picture (Nov. 19, 1992)
No one was MORE excited than Jake. Here is poses in front of your crib with the layette Mommy made just for you.
Your birth announcement.
Your name means: Jehovah has remembered A Gift from God

At 7:30 am I began having minor contractions that were 30-40 seconds long. We called Grandma Ann and she said we needed to be on our way. I told her we’d “be there in a while.”I packed snacks for Jake (Kudos bars, “Cockaloos” (cornflakes), Waldo Spaghetti-o’s and grapes). I got his church clothes together while Dad made some bacon.

Daddy woke Jake up and told him his baby was coming and Jake said, “My baby’s coming right now?”

At 8:15am, we called Grandma Ann and told her to meet us in front of the Pineapple at Baptist Hospital.

At 8:21 we left for the hospital.

At 8:32am, my contractions were one minute apart.

At 8:45am, we arrive at Baptist Hospital. Daddy drove 95 mph. I was telling Daddy to slow down. When we got off the exit for the hospital Jake said, “I think you’re driving a race car!”

Grandma Ann arrived at Baptist Hospital three minutes AFTER us.

At 8:52am you arrived. It was SUNDAY, May 2, 1993.

You had the cord wrapped around your neck THREE times. You were blue and your heart beat dropped to 46bpm. Your little hand was tucked under the cords pulling it away from your neck.

Your head circumference was 13.5″
Your chest 12.25″
You were 21″ long and weighed 7 lbs. 11 oz.

You arrived 12 days early.

It was a joyous time, that by 2:00pm turned to darkness. Mommy had been waiting in her room to see you, but the nurse said you “weren’t behaving”. I thought this meant you were crying. What it meant, instead, was that you weren’t showing reflexes and were “acting limp” .

By 2:30pm, you were in High Risk. You were under 31% oxygen and had monitors all over your body.

The FIRST “real” picture of you in High-Risk ICU
On May 4, after CAT scans and numerous other tests, they said we could bring you home. At 4pm we left the hospital Jake asked if he could “pet his baby” and stroked you so gently and then said, “My name is Jacob and you’re Zac.”
This is Jake holding you. Notice how exhausted he looks! He was so doting over you!
In the bath: May 8, 1993
Your hand at one week old, May 9, 1993 (Mother’s Day)
You at two weeks on the quilt Grandma Terry and Aunt Natalie quilted by hand for you.
Jake buried you in his stuff animals…
Jake, Mom and you at Grandma Terry’s house when you were four months old.
You, Jake and Aunt Natalie.
You LOVED riding in the car.
At six months old…you were so rolly poly!
Jake picked out your FIRST Halloween Costume…Spiderman!!!
You have the MOST beautiful eyes and I’m such a sucker for your eyelashes!
Solid Foods…introducing BANANAS!!!!
Seven months here Jake poses with you, “the great pumpkin”
Oh…remember Barney?
Look how “FAT” you were a week shy of nine months! Ay yi yi!
Jake loved when the two of you “matched”
You were the HAPPIEST baby! This is you waking up from a nap!
Get a load of that shiner! It all started when Jake appointed you to be Dr. Doom…from there it was a battle…pretty sure, from the looks of it Spidey won!
We drove 40 minutes in the HEAT of Miami with NO air conditioning. This picture was taken within minutes (8:52am) of you being ONE YEAR OLD. You were “sweaty” from the car.
Removing the candle from your birthday cake.
You ate like such a li’l gentleman…

There’s a recap of your first year.

Our family has grown and you have many siblings who look up to you…

Jake, Abi, Will, and MacKenzie
It’s true, Zac, I’m NOT the “skinny mom”. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’m sure there are things I’ve overlooked in teaching you. The fact is, I’m PROUD OF YOU.

May today and this year contain all the love and joy you have brought me over the course of the last 16 years!

You are an amazing artist, writer, dreamer, BIG brother, Little Brother, grandson, and Son.


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