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Reasons Why Traveling Maps are Important

Maps can be scary for some but interesting to many. Due to the inclusion of geographical grip and complicated symbols, a huge chunk of the population avoids them. Nevertheless, it is bread and butter for travelers. These are devices that give rise to a sense of discovery. Consolidating a visible view of our planet into one single cartographic mapping is amazing.

However, navigation devices have undermined the importance of paper maps, even hindering map-reading skills. But there is a multitude of reasons why you should resist the attraction of GPS devices and sit down to read a map. Here is a list:

why traveling maps are important

Simplification of Complex Patterns

The world is not the same as it used to be. Due to massive developments that took place in the previous centuries, routes have become more complex, complicated and difficult to comprehend. Geographic data is even more visual and pattern-oriented, which it makes incoherent. Such data cannot be represented through charts, spreadsheets, and graphs that are ideally used for words and numbers. It is, therefore very important to use maps to explore information in further detail. Maps are instrumental in eliminating or at least minimizing the complexities involved at this moment.

A Change in Perspective

The world has emerged gradually, however, the development rate is much higher in the past few years. It all started with textual content, and now we believe more in visual content. This has led to a shift in the psychology of minds. Arguments tend to be stronger and more persuasive when visual means traveled. The compelling nature of maps can help to change people’s mind about a certain location.

A Good Guide

The basic objective of a map is to guide you on what is around you. It tells nearby locations in your surroundings. A map allows you to discover a nearby pond, a breathtaking scenic view and opens the world before you.

However, there is a radical difference between a guide and a dictator. Automated navigations are not immaculate. We have often heard the excuse that such GPS systems have taken us to the wrong way. Regarding maps, they can never be wrong until and unless there is a human printing error. It can be a good partner to our intellect and not a mere replacement.


Almost all rescue services and organizations have the idea of carrying a map over other electronic navigation due to its convenience. All institutions promoting outdoor life have said that having a map and reading skills is essential for safety. The main reason behind its convenience is that it is easy to use and doesn’t require any electronic components. They do not require batteries or signals. Since there are no or

The main reason behind its convenience is that it is easy to use and doesn’t require any electronic components. They do not require batteries or signals. Since fewer signals are present in isolated areas, maps work as a useful instrument rather than something operating on an electrical source.

Encourages Engagement

Maps are good engagement devices. Using maps in isolation might misguide you to the wrong route. It must be read in conjunction with the actual world. Read signboards and other signals placed in the physical world to use maps more effectively. This process incorporates useful knowledge of the world around you in your brain. When it comes to GPS navigation, nothing about the actual world is learned. Even the journey becomes dull.

Beauty of Maps

There is a large variety of maps available that holds immense historical importance. Several maps depict historical, geographical, and artistic value with pictures of medieval times attached. An example is The London Tube map which is a famous design icon. Maps are obviously used for practical purposes, but the visual imagery it depicts can sometimes reach the peaks of art.

Source of Memory

Maps are a must gear for travelers. Traveling maps are a great conversation piece. You can display your travels by hanging a travel map on the wall. This evokes a nostalgic sense whenever you view it and creates enthusiasm to explore more places. It is fun to display where you have traveled worldwide, reflecting a summary of your journey. Memories are stored in one such piece of paper. 

Importance in Data Analytics

The importance of maps has been realized now in data analytics and reporting as well. Geography is continually playing an important role in business intelligence. Not only has it simplified composite patterns, but it also enabled us to gain better insights. Most data, whether online or offline, has some location component. Viewing information plotted on a map can trigger great insight.

Statistics are supposed to show you comparisons between two or more subjects which enable you to weigh the pros and cons of each. Geography can be used in these terms. Sometimes businesses and data teams overlook variables because they ignore the context of the problem they are trying to solve. Maps are amazing devices to put context into place to resolve the issue.

Furthermore, maps can be great storytellers. As discussed above, maps are good visual communicators. It is important for a storyteller to engage the audience by setting the scene and letting the audience connect with key characters. The most important part of the story is sometimes the location of where it happened. Many stories that numbers tell often involve location, so using maps can help the story make greater sense.


It is pretty clear that maps are crucially important to rescuers and geographers, but above we have discussed how laymen can avail them to their benefit. Even businesses now use them for better performance in data analytics. Visually understanding the topography of Earth is important for all of them, regardless of the field.

Traveling maps are also great for frequent travelers. Marking your trips on one piece can help you combine all the jigsaws, in the end, giving you one complete picture. Unquestionably, map plays a very important role in today’s day and age.

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