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5 Reasons People Think a House is Haunted (and What They Really Mean)

Many people have tried and failed to prove that a house is haunted. And even though it’s easy to believe the haunting presence of ghosts, the truth is a little less supernatural.

There are natural explanations for all the cardinal signs we associate with a haunted house. Here are 3 simple explanations that could explain all the strange activities in a house.

Excessive mold and strange smells

Horror movies have pretty much drummed it into our heads that mold is a sure sign of a haunted house. Black mold spreads all around the house, eating things from the inside out. It’s even more spooky when you can’t explain the source of the mold.

Strange smells are just as disturbing, especially when you have no idea where they come from. You’ve done all you can to clean your house but it doesn’t change anything.

The truth

As you may already know, mold is an indication of moisture seeping from somewhere. It is essentially an airborne spore that settles and thrives in dark, warm, and wet conditions. It can settle on almost any surface and the sooner it’s addressed, the better for your house.

With strange smells, the solution is easy – call a deep cleaning house service ( They will find the source of the smell and give your home a nice cleaning.

A abandoned house in light.

Strange noises

Strange, spooky noises are right up there on the list of haunted house signs, right next to white figures in the night. They sound like everything from a baby crying to an elderly woman with a cane.

These noises are, interestingly, more audible at night when ghosts are famed to move around. Sometimes, you can barely sleep because of creaking, scratching, and tapping sounds in the walls.

The truth

Houses are made up of wood, glass, metal, piping, and other materials that make sounds. In most cases, these materials are responsible for the ghostly sounds you hear. They expand and contract at different times and at different temperatures.

You may not notice the noises during the day because of how busy you are. Your mind is racing as you try to accomplish your daily tasks. But when things quiet down at night, it all becomes very audible.

Shazy real estate agents

Real estate agents know that “haunted houses” don’t sell very well. Therefore, it’s often in their own best interest to keep the fact from prospective buyers. The elusiveness of a real estate agent may manifest in the form of them avoiding questions or not wanting you to see certain parts of the house.

Interestingly, most buyers know this and can sense when a real estate agent isn’t being upfront with them. As a result, they assume the worst-case scenario, like the house being haunted by spirits of the dead.

The truth

In many cases, agents are actually keeping some facts from you. However, it’s most likely not lingering spirits. Some aspects of the home may need renovation, or maybe they are expecting a higher bid from another customer.

The good news is that in many states, the law demands that agents disclose information like this to prospective buyers.

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