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10 Reasons to Buy an Air Fryer

The first thing you may be wondering is how an Air Fryer works. How might it be different than a regular deep fryer or an oven? 

Air Fryers are different from regular deep fryers because they don’t actually fry the food. 

You don’t actually submerge your food in hot oil to cook it.

Instead, the actual mechanism of Air Fryers is most like that of a convection oven.

Basically, your food is placed in a perforated metal basket.

At the top is a heating unit with a high-powered fan that blows the hot air all around the food, creating a convection effect that nicely and evenly browns the outside of the food.

Unlike a convection oven, Air Fryers are compact, allowing for faster and more efficient preheating and cooking times.

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10 Reasons to Buy an Air Fryer

1. It Makes Delicious Food!

When you bake food in a regular oven, you are often left with uneven results, with some parts more cooked and other parts undercooked.

The mechanism of Air Fryers described above allows hot air to circulate all around the food, maximizing the surface-area-to-heat ratio and allowing for perfectly even crispiness and crunchiness. 

While an Air Fryer won’t taste exactly like the result of using a traditional deep fryer, the results are still incredibly scrumptious.

2. It’s a Healthier Option

Love the taste of fried food but not the way it makes you feel afterward? 

Are you disappointed with the end result when you try the oven-roasted version of the same recipe?

If yes, then an Air Fryer might be the solution.

You can usually get away with using little-to-no oil when cooking with an Air Fryer, which can cut calories.

Furthermore one study (Sansano et al., 2015) showed that compared to traditional frying methods, using an air fryer reduces acrylamide (a compound associated with certain types of cancer) by up to 90-percent.

3. It is Time and Energy Efficient

With their compact size and efficient hot air circulation, Air Fryers out-compete your oven. 

With most recipes only needing 8-20 minutes of cooking, Air Fryers reduce cooking time by up to 25-percent (they also only need a fraction of the time to preheat, unlike your oven), saving you both time and energy.

4.) There is an Air Fryer for Every Price Range

With prices under $100, buying an air Fryer doesn’t have to break your wallet. 

Even the lower-priced Air Fryers still produce great results.

5. They are Easy to Clean

With removable parts, nonstick materials, and most being dishwasher-safe, cleaning your Air Fryer is no-hassle!

And compared to the grease that coats your kitchen walls after deep frying foods, and Air Fryer produces no mess.

6. They are Versatile and can Make All Kinds of Recipes

You can make different types of food using an Air Fryer.

From meat to vegetables and even pizza, we’ve been able to incorporate air frying into a ton of our meal preparations.

7. Many Have Different Modes, Allowing For Different Types of Cooking

Not only useful for frying foods, but an Air Fryer can also be used for reheating leftovers, thawing frozen food, and so much more.

Some Air Fryers allow you to change the settings like “Air Fry,” “Roast,” “Dehydrate,” and “Reheat.”

8. They Come in All Different Shapes and Sizes

It’s true, an Air Fryer takes up some counter space, but there is an Air Fryer of every size to fit your needs.

If you cook for one or two people, a 2 to 3 quart-sized Air Fryer works best.

If you usually cook for a family of 4 to 5, consider a 5 to 6 quart Air Fryer.

Generally, air fryers between 3 to 5 quarts are versatile enough for most types and quantities of cooking.

9. They Make A Great Gift

What a perfect gift for the budding home chef!

Whether for a birthday, wedding registry, or any other occasion, an Air Fryer makes an ideal long-lasting and useful present.

10. There are Air Fryer Communities

Which niche Air Fryer blogs to Air Fryer cookbooks, buying an Air Fryer helps drastically expand your connection with a new community of home chefs.

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