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Reader’s Digest Cleaning Tip to Help Your Summer Sparkle

Father’s Day had us barbecuing. It was a great celebration with elk burgers, homemade hamburger buns, potato salad and homemade ice cream. It was a feast fit for our king. Today we’re cleaning up and this includes the grill. Thanks to these house cleaning tips from Reader’s Digest, I’m armed to get my grill clean-up on and keep it ready to work.
Here’s Four  Ways to Clean a Dirty Grill:

1.) Aluminum Foil: Save the foil that covers your fixings to scrub off the grill before you begin your next meal on the grill.

2.) Baking Soda: Scour the grill with minimal effort with a mixture of baking soda and water.

3.) Garbage Bags: the perfect foundation to lay the grill rack on and spray with oven cleaner.

4.) WD-40: Liberal application of this common household product will have your grill looking good as new.

While visiting Reader’s Digest I discovered a lot of ways to save money and clean every day around the house. The site is a plethora of useful tips to make the most of your summer and keep your home in tip top shape!

There’s an article on Homemade Cleaning products–who knew vodka could be an air freshener?

We’re just now thinking about packing up our winter outerwear and Reader’s Digest has s 5 Tips for Caring for Outerwear to help me do it efficiently and make taking it back out in a few months a cinch. Tips like hanging our down jackets upside down to keep them fluffy!

There’s an informative article on fire and 5 Hidden Chemicals in Your Home. It’s a great resource for so many things of interest.

We printed out How to Tune Up Your Bike and are coordinating a workshop for the kiddos and their friends. It has some simple things they can do on their own or with limited supervision. Served with some Otter Pops and a bike rally through the neighborhood at the end, it’s the makings of a perfect day!

While some of the tips are ones I know and utilize like cleaning with vinegar and baking soda, Reader’s Digest makes it convenient to place them all in one place for me to reference.

Stop by and discover for yourself why Reader’s Digest is making my home a cleaner, happier place.

*This post is brought to you by Reader’s Digest

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