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READ IT FORWARD: Random House Offers Great Reads

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Random House has a great program called READ IT FORWARD.

Each month they offer three books, you can request one or all three, with the idea being that once you read it you’ll pass the book along so someone else can enjoy it.


Here are Random House Read It Forward December’s picks:


Prima Donna

Opera singer Sabine Conrad is the toast of nineteenth-century New York high society.

A celebrated soprano with the voice of an angel, she is showered with adulation by her audiences and courted by wealthy patrons.

But behind the scenes, her every move is controlled by a Svengali-like manager, Gideon Price.

When her attempt to escape him goes tragically awry, she flees, leaving behind a grisly murder.

Prima Donna


Breaking out of Bedlam

Cora Sledge is horrified when her children, who doubt her ability to take care of herself, plot to remove her from her home.

So what if her house is a shambles?

Who cares when she last changed her clothes?

If an eighty-two-year-old widow wants to live on junk food, pills, and cigarettes, hasn’t she earned the right?

When her kids force her into The Palisades, an assisted living facility, Cora takes to her bed, planning to die as soon as possible.

But life isn’t finished with her yet, not by a long shot.

Breaking out of Bedlam


True Confections

Take chocolate candy, add a family business at war with itself, and stir with an outsider’s perspective.

This is the recipe for True Confections, the irresistible new novel by Katharine Weber, a writer whose work has won accolades from Iris Murdoch, Madeleine Lâ’Engle, Wally Lamb, and Kate Atkinson, to name a few.

True Confections


Hi readers,

Welcome to Read It Forward, your source for great reading recommendations, sneak peeks at publications coming down the road, and fabulous book giveaways.

What could be better than learning about great new reads?


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