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Puzzle Culture Subscription Box-Vinyl Love

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Disclosure: The Puzzle Culture Subscription box featured here was received for review.

Are you a jigsaw puzzle fan or looking for a fun screen-free activity? You’ll love Puzzle Culture a quarterly subscription.

Each box includes an exclusive 1000-piece puzzle. Exclusive means you won’t find it anywhere else.

This high-quality puzzle will be suitable for all skill levels and feature original artwork exclusive to Puzzle Culture.

There is a challenge card that shares a different way of approaching piecing the puzzle.

Subscriptions are $34.99 (plus shipping) quarterly.

An annual plan is just $124.99.

Because I know you’re going to love this subscription box, Use code MOMMEMO15 to get 15% off anything on the Puzzle Culture website.

puzzle culture subscription box
Here’s Our Puzzle Culture Subscription Box

The timing was perfect for us.

My dad and niece were up from South Carolina for the long weekend.

We received our Puzzle Culture Subscription box.

The box itself is a blue jigsaw puzzle-themed box spotlighting the Puzzle Culture Logo.

We were so excited!

We did an unboxing video to show you what is included.


Our theme was revealed on an info card—“Vinyl Love.”

This card also listed the items included in our box.

puzzle culture vinyl love exclusive puzzle

Vinyl Colors 1000-Piece Puzzle

My dad knew the most about vinyl records.

I remember growing up, he and my mom had an extensive vinyl records collection.

I married and started my own vinyl collection.

Vinyl faded, seemingly with each child I had until they were only found at garage sales and thrift shops.

They are making a comeback, so even my youngest teenagers know what they are.

“Vinyl Love” was a fun theme, and my dad enjoyed answering questions about his time with vinyl records, and the kids enjoyed sharing what they knew.

The exclusive vinyl colors puzzle features a pile of colorful vinyl records.

There are 1000 pieces, and the final puzzle will be 27.55 inches by 16.68 inches.

We all had our own way of starting.

One of us searched for all straight edges.

Another one of us began sorting by color.

Another one just started.

Puzzle Culture suggested making the puzzle more challenging by starting with the center record and working out to the edge, using those straight edge pieces for last.

We are on day 7, and it still isn’t finished.

puzzle culture almost done

At one time or another, we have each declared it the most challenging puzzle we have ever done.

There are so many shades of blues, browns, black, white, and pinks.

The pieces are cut in shapes so similar that you think you have “the piece,” and then you realize it’s not the perfect fit, so you have to remove it and move on.

One of my most favorite things about this puzzle is that it made for amazing quality time.

puzzle culture vinyl love

There were no outside distractions.

Sometimes it was all of us working a different part of the puzzle together, and other times it was just my dad and me, or my son and my dad, or my niece and my daughter.

Throughout the day, people came and went from the puzzle, but it always seemed someone was stopping by—I even caught my husband, self-proclaimed, anti-puzzle dude, picking up pieces when he didn’t think anyone was around!

The Themed Extras!

puzzle culture vinyl love whats included

Turntable Slip Mat

One of our themed items was a Turntable Slip Mat.

I married a DJ once, so I knew this went on the turntable platter in place of the rubber mat, or it can be used for decoration when the record isn’t on the turntable.

It was awesome that I was the only one who knew what this item was!

Puzzle Culture Logo T-Shirt

My niece claimed this right away.

She loves puzzles, and this logo tee-shirt, designed by High Tee Co., is incredibly soft.

The Puzzle Culture logo is printed on a very light heather gray t-shirt.

The shirt is made of a 99% cotton, 1% polyester blend and has a traditional/unisex fit.

puzzle culture tee shirt

Vinyl Record Coasters

These vinyl record coasters were the IT item in the box (besides the puzzle).

Everyone thought these were really fun!

My dad used one for his morning coffee, and even the kids are using them.

These mini-records are thick and look so much like vinyl records with detailed grooves.

puzzle culture vinyl record coasters

Wrapping It Up!

We all enjoyed the subscription box from Puzzle Culture!

It is a challenging puzzle with incredible artwork and fun-themed items that make the experience unique.

The “extras” were conversation starters for us.

Puzzle Culture is a fun box for any jigsaw puzzle fans, family game night, or anyone looking for affordable fun.

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