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PTO Generators – Where to find the best PTO Generator for Machinery & Farming

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PTO generators are one of the more specialized generators you can find. Known as power take-off generators and tractor generators in some circles these machines are primarily designed for use on a farm although they can be used for other means as well.

Before we look at where exactly you can find PTO generators let’s look at how they can benefit you. A PTO generator is a large versatile power source that you can move around with you! Having the capacity to provide power to a variety of locations is very beneficial, especially on a farm.

A PTO generator can also be used as a backup power source for your home as well. This will need a bit of prep work, and you would benefit from getting a transfer switch installed as well, but it can be done. Usually a cheaper alternative to a conventional home backup model as well PTO Generators are much more powerful than small portable models making them a better choice for farms.

So, there are plenty of benefits to getting a PTO generator, and they are noticeably stronger and more durable than many alternative generator types. This means there will be less chance of maintenance as well. So, now you know a bit more about the benefits of a PTO generator, let’s look at where you can find them.pto generator

PTO Generators – Where to find the best PTO Generator for Machinery & Farming

Online Generator Providers

Buying online is arguably the best way to buy a PTO generator; a quick search will bring up many generator specialist websites that offer a range of different options. PTO generators aren’t as common as other types like home backup generators and portable models, you can still find plenty of generator websites selling them. Just make sure you do your research as this style of generator can be a little more difficult to understand at first.

Online Second-Hand

There is a pretty lucrative second-hand market when it comes to PTO generators, and a quick search on websites like eBay will bring up plenty of results. Buying a generator second-hand is a great way to save money, and with such a variety of generators, you will often find a suitable model.

However, buying second-hand doesn’t come without risks as a second-hand generator could be damaged; a new generator will function more efficiently than an older pre-owned model. It is definitely worth weighing the pros and cons, so don’t immediately look for second-hand generators as buying new could be the better option.

Farming Websites

While PTO generators aren’t used strictly for farming, they do have strong ties to the farming industry. Therefore you can sometimes find PTO generators on farming equipment and supply websites. Although they won’t be as common as they are on specialist generator websites.

Specialist Generator Shops

Buying even a standard generator in an actual brick and mortar shop can be difficult; this is further exacerbated by the more specialty nature of PTO generators. However, some specialist generator outlets do sell them although it will likely require traveling for most people. It’s likely going to be harder work but you will be able to get a better feel for the generator by examining it in-person.

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