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The Pros and Cons of Triple Glazed Windows

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It is no secret that triple glazed windows are used more than ever across the globe. This is more the case with all the countries closer to the North Pole, but still. True to their name, triple glazed windows primarily have three layers of glass. Some even have two layers with a low emissivity film suspended between them.

triple glazed windows

Since they were introduced in the Nordic countries many years ago due to extremely cold weather throughout the year, they have been gaining in popularity all across the globe. You can be sure of that in every aspect. Now one can find them all over the United States and Canada as well. Hence, it suffices to say that a great number of people out there have taken a considerable liking to them in every regard due to their sheer efficiency and popularity as well.

Having said that, let us take a good and proper look at some of the pros and cons of triple glazed windows:

The Pros:

The aspect of strength:

Not only are they stronger, but much more rigid and sturdier than normal windows. After all, strength is not the first thing one thinks of when buying a window, but it is as important as any other aspect out there.

Great energy savings:

Apart from giving an outstanding performance, you can be sure of the fact that when compared to double glazed windows and normal windows, they offer an amazing level of energy savings.

Decreases heat loss:

Since these windows increase the aspect of thermal comfort to a considerable degree, you can bet that they will prevent any kind of heat loss, ensuring that you stay snug and warm.

The Cons:

The aspect of weight:

In the case of weaker sash materials, the sheer weight can turn out to be quite a problem. This can even lead to the window hinges bending over time due to the additional weight.

Problems during warmer months:

During summer, these windows could adversely affect the amount of heating coming into your home leading to a sharp increase in your HVAC usage cost. This is something that you will have to keep in mind immediately after winter ends if you want to keep a firm hand on your wallet and make sure that costs don’t spiral completely out of control.

High cost:

There is simply no denying this fact. Additionally, there aren’t a lot of models to choose from as well. Even though the cost might be justified due to the extremely cold climate, one cannot say the same when it is summer.

Finally, whether you are all for buying triple glazed windows or not, there are quite a number of other parameters that you need to keep in mind. This is something that you cannot afford to forget under any circumstances especially if you are living in a place that is predominantly cold throughout the year.

Some of the parameters include checking whether the window at hand has low-E Glass as well as space bars between the panels. You will also need to check for the deepness of the frame, the material of the center panel as well as the warranty. The last aspect is certainly not something that you can afford to forget.

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