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Pros and Cons of Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

The dentists offer orthodontic treatment to patients with incorrectly aligned teeth, jaw alignment, and other dental issues. If your child shows braces requirement, there are many treatments an orthodontist may suggest to address the problem.

Many dental associations and the NCBI suggest that parents get a checkup for their children with an orthodontist by the time they attain seven years. Two-phase orthodontic treatment usually starts at an early age. Phase one of treatment focuses on correcting the muscular or skeletal orofacial environment.

It is done before the arrival of permanent teeth in children.

The Phase 1 treatment focuses on the correction of the jaw position to accommodate the existing and new teeth that are yet to arrive.

The Phase 2 treatment focuses on the final alignment of teeth and jaw.

The time between the two phases of treatment can vary from several months to years, depending on the patient’s dental condition.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of two-phase orthodontic treatment.

Let us explore both the pros and cons of two-phase orthodontic treatment.

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Pros of Two-Phase orthodontic treatment.

The two-phase orthodontic treatment helps the dentist recognize the misalignment of teeth at an early stage.

Diagnosing the problem early can make the treatment convenient for the dentist and the patient.

Correction teeth’ alignment is easier in the first phase due to soft bones and short roots.

Therefore, visiting an orthodontist early can help the patient achieve positive results.

The treatment also helps detect jaw discrepancies and prevent the future extraction of permanent teeth (WebMD).

Phase 1 treatment helps develop the jaw so that it can accommodate permanent teeth easily in the future.

The treatment also reduces the risk of broken, crowded, or crooked teeth.

It also enhances a patient’s ability to bite and chew the food effectively.

The results obtained in the first phase of treatment contribute to the jaw’s long-term stability, and the teeth stay in the position where the orthodontist fixes them.

The successful treatment in the first phase allows the growth of permanent teeth by creating room for them.

An orthodontist creates space for permanent teeth to find a clear path.

The two-phase treatment reduces the requirement of pulling permanent teeth in the future.

It normalizes the condition of a patient with a lower jaw, especially in underbite conditions.

The two-phase treatment helps correct the shape of the bone supporting the teeth.

It helps correct the tuck in upper front teeth reducing the risk of teeth breaking and knocking out.

The resting period offers permanent teeth the freedom of movement as they continue to grow.

Cons of Two-Phase Orthodontic treatment.

The two-phase orthodontic treatment takes a long time and costs more than the single-phase treatment.

In some cases, the two phase treatment delivered the same result as a one-phase conventional orthodontic treatment.

The first phase of treatment can prove to be trouble for kids and small children, and they can develop a fear of visiting a dentist.

Installing braces on a child’s teeth can create problems while brushing the teeth.

Braces can get in the way of chewing food properly and brushing the teeth if the patients are kids.

In kids’ cases, they need close supervision by their parents to take care of their teeth.

Also, parents need to visit the orthodontist regularly with their kids.

Phase 1 of treatment may take a long time of 10 to 15 months.

There is an intervening period before the second phase, during which the patient may be required to wear retainers.

This makes the overall time of treatment too long.

Some dental problems may not become clear in the first phase, and patients need to wait for the second phase or later.

The orthodontist may offer better treatment in the second phase of treatment.

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Final Words

These are the pros and cons of two-phase orthodontic treatment. Whether the two-phase treatment is right for you or not depends on your dental condition. It is best to visit an orthodontist as soon as you know about the misalignment of teeth in any of your family members. A two-phase treatment might seem longer, but it can help you treat the problem before it becomes severe. Visiting an orthodontist as early as possible can help you with the problems like misalignment of teeth and jaw at an early age.

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