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How To Prevent A Flea Or Tick Infestation – Grooming Pets

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Our cats and dogs are the joy of the family. These adorable creatures make us look forward to returning home after a long day. Unfortunately, their fluffiness is also a reason fleas and ticks, and other parasites love to call them home. A parasite infection can happen very easily and lead to many complications. There are certain precautions you can take to prevent flea or tick infections. Grooming your cats and dogs regularly will keep them clean and parasite-free.

How To Prevent A Flea Or Tick Infestation – Grooming Pets

The Art of Cat Grooming

flea and tick infestation keeping jinx groomed

Cat grooming requires a special approach.

We all know how much they hate water and cats self-groom regularly too.

However, long-haired cats need some extra attention to prevent the onset of parasites.

Don’t stress kitty out when you go about the grooming sessions.

A nice brush daily for around 10 minutes is a good way to keep the skin and fur healthy.

Once the cat gets used to this routine, you can always extend the time.

Brushes get rid of the dirt that gets stuck in the coat of the pet.

Brushing encourages the release of natural oils and reduced tangled fur.

You can use metal combs and bristle brushes for different areas of the cat’s body.

Be a little soft on the cat’s belly and chest.

For long-haired cats, it is recommended that you brush in an upward motion – it helps in removing tangles.

The dreaded bath is necessary when your cat has become a bit shabby.

Maybe it has been rumbling around in the yard or got itself in a muddy situation – regular grooming will not be enough.

Before the bath, give it a brush so you can remove some of the dirt and matted hair.

Sinks and bathtubs can be a little slippery, even for your slippery customer.

Place a rubber mat on the surface, the stage for your kitty’s bath time.

Wet the cat a little with some lukewarm water and apply some special cat shampoo (not human ones – those have chemicals harmful to animals).

Rinse the cat with a hose or faucet; do not spray it into its face.

Dry your now bewildered kitten with a towel when this is all done and give it a nice hug.

Be soft at all times when you are washing a cat.

Mind the face so that shampoo doesn’t get into its eyes.

Cats are also prone to ear infections, so you need to clean their ears once in a while.

In addition to washing your dirty clothes in hot water and regularly vacuuming your home to rid it of fleas, the most effective treatment to eliminate fleas on your cat is a special type of “spot-on” treatment call Revolution.

While Revolution for cats requires a visit to your veterinary clinic, it’s highly recommended over in-home “bug bombs” that are toxic to your family and cat and generally ineffective.

Grooming and Washing your Dog

prevent fleas and ticks bailey mae

Long-haired dogs need extra attention because they are more susceptible to fleas and ticks.

Brush with gentle strokes and don’t be too rough on the skin below the fur.

Regular brushing keeps the dog’s coat healthy and keeps away parasites.

If the weather is warmer than outdoors is the best venue for a dog bath.

You can also use a sink for smaller animals, and a bathtub would be ideal too.

Line the surface of the sink or bathtub with a towel or mat, so the dog gets some grip.

Sometimes you need an extra set of hands to distract the dog and keep it calm.

Help should always be welcome.

If the dog has a good experience with the first bath, that makes it easier for the next ones.

You can sometimes put cotton in the dog’s ears to prevent water from getting inside.

Wet the dog with a hose and apply the best smelling dog shampoo.

Massage gently into the scalp and rinse thoroughly after a minute.

Dry the dog with a towel.

If it decides to shake itself, you will have water all over you and the surroundings.

Anti-flea shampoo can be used if you think your dog is providing habitat to parasites.

If your pet is showing signs of infestations, make sure you buy products that are specifically made for pets.

The experts at can help you find out the right ones.

Anti-parasite products can come in different forms – powders, sprays, or formulas that need to be directly applied to the affected areas.

Fleas can cause many problems for pets.

Accidental ingestion of these tiny parasites can lead to tapeworms.

Small puppies that get fleas lose a lot of blood and become anemic.

Some of the other diseases that can be caused by fleas are Bartonella and skin-related ailments.

Parasites make life very uncomfortable for dogs and cats.

Your pets are voiceless.

They may not be able to communicate a problem, but you can prevent such scenarios by constantly monitoring them and taking the right measures to keep them healthy.

From grooming to choosing the right medicines, every task should be carefully thought out.

Be a responsible pet parent and enjoy the company of your precious friends.

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