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How to Use a Pressure Washer: The Only Guide You Need

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So, you’ve got a few areas around the house that don’t look as good as they did when you first moved in.

Or maybe you’re car is starting to get up there in age, and thus, it’s not as easy to clean anymore.

Whatever job you have on your mind, you know that you need a pressure washer in order to get it done.

The only problem?

You don’t know how to use a pressure washer and are a bit overwhelmed at the thought of trying for the first time.

If this sounds like you and the situation you’re currently in, worry no longer because we’re here to help!

In this article, we’ll give you a first-time user’s guide to pressure washing.

We’ll tell you how pressure washers work, what size nozzles you need, and even a few tips to keep you and those around you safe.

Now then, let’s get started!

red rainboots on walkway being pressure washed

Prep Your Pressure Washing Area 

Before you start cleaning any areas around your home with your pressure washer, you’re first going to need to prep the area.

Depending on what you’re pressure washing, this task includes a few different things you need to be concerned with.

If you’re pressure washing an area of your home with windows, or your car, make sure those windows are closed and locked.

If the area you’re cleaning has any items lying around, like patio furniture or potted plants, you may want to move them to avoid damaging them.

Last but not least, it’s a good idea to secure all electrical outlets before spraying any outdoor area that may have them nearby.

Doing this is as simple as taping over their electrical cover box with duct tape, preventing them from being opened by the pressure of the water. 

pressure washing a deck

Choose a Pressure Washer Type

Once you have your area clean and prepped, it’s time to choose a pressure washer type.

There are two main types of pressure washers, gas and electrical, and both offer various pros and cons.

Electrical pressure washers are lighter, easier to use, and tend to be a bit cheaper, too.

Of course, you’ll have to deal with the cord, but if that isn’t a worry for you, you should be able to clean any area around your home with an electric pressure washer. 

Gas-powered pressure washers are heavier and more expensive, but they do work better.

Gas-powered pressure washers give you the ability to produce a higher PSI, which makes cleaning the dirtiest of areas easier.

Our recommendation?

A powerstroke electric pressure washer.

They work great, they’re dependable, and you should be able to clean anything and everything using one. 

pressure washing with pressure washer in background

Choose a Pressure Washer Nozzle

If there’s one area you need to pay close attention to, it’s choosing the pressure washer nozzle.

Choosing the wrong pressure washer nozzle can lead to you damaging whatever it is you’re cleaning, which isn’t what you want. 

The good news?

There are 5 main types of pressure washer nozzles, and deciding which one you need isn’t as difficult as you may think.

A breakdown of those 5 nozzles includes the following information:

The red nozzle:

0-degree spray, works great on hard-to-remove dirt and oil. 

The yellow nozzle:

15-degree spray, useful for stripping a deck.  

The green nozzle:

25-degree spray, ideal for cleaning dirt and debris from cars and concrete.

The white nozzle:

40-degree spray, works well on windows and glass.  

The black nozzle:

65-degree spray, perfect for cleaning cars. 

pressure washing a brick deck

Safely Attach Your Garden Hose

Of course, in order to use a pressure washer, you’re going to need access to water.

Getting this is as easy as hooking up your water hose to your pressure washer.

With this in mind, it’s important to make sure your water hose is hooked up properly and securely.

Make sure your hose’s connections are tight and prevent any kinking from occurring when you move around during your wash. 

Also, try to use a hose that is in good condition, as a hose that is damaged won’t offer good results.

If you are not sure that your garden hose is in good enough condition, try and find out more about the best pressure washer hoses.

Protect Yourself and the People Around You

It goes without saying, but using a pressure washer can be quite dangerous.

This is especially true if you’re using a red or yellow nozzle, which can do some serious damage to a person’s skin. 

A good rule of thumb?

Wear long sleeves and gloves when using a pressure washer.

Also, be sure you’re pointing at what you want to spray before you pull the trigger on your spray gun.

That one second of hesitation can help prevent you, and those around you, from getting injured.

pressure washing safety

How to Use a Pressure Washer: A Guide

Well, there you have it!

 A guide on how to use a pressure washer for the first time!

So, if you’ve never used a pressure washer before, don’t let that stop you from getting a project around the house completed!

Remember, before you pressure wash any area of your home, or even a vehicle, make sure to prep it beforehand.

Doing so can prevent you from damaging anything, or costing yourself money, which isn’t what you want.

While gas-powered pressure washers are more powerful, you should be able to get by with a cheaper, easier-to-use electric powered one.

Just make sure to pick the right colored nozzle before pointing your pressure washer gun and spraying a surface area.

Also, safety should be a priority.

So go out of your way to protect yourself as well as the people around you so you can avoid the doctor’s office on a Saturday afternoon.

Looking for more ways you can improve your home? Check out our blog!

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