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Precious Angel Bows Etsy Feature

One of my daughters’ favorite things are hairbows! They love pony-tails with giant bows or small braids with bows. Even a dainty up-do requires the perfect bow. I have to admit I love it. I love the variety of colors, textures of ribbon and all the doo-dads that guarantee the bow to compliment a favorite outfit.

Precious Angel Bows is based out of Athens, Georgia. and named after her first daughter. “Precious Angel is what I called my first daughter and I wanted my business name to reflect something that meant a lot to me.”

Sometimes it takes a while to find the right outlet. “I never had much luck on eBay and when I heard about Etsy I thought it would be the perfect place to sell my bows.”

Not one to quit or become discouraged, Precious Angel Bows is persistent. “I taught myself to make bows. I bought instructions and sat for hours tying bow after bow until I got it down. I really just wanted to make them for my daughter but then I fell in love with making them and wanted to keep doing it so I decided to see if I could sell them. The rest is history:)”

With my two young Divas, we have bought A LOT of bows.

There have been a select few that have met our standards.

We like our ribbon sealed so the ends don’t fray.

We insist on high-quality clips and gosh, darn it we want ’em fun!

These are exactly the attributes of a Precious Angel Bows product.

“I feel the quality sets my bows apart from other bows. I make every bow to the standard that I would want for my own girls. I also am creative with my color combinations and ribbon choices.”

As a customer, you can see in my creations how much I love making them and how much time and thought that I put into them.”

Precious Angel Bows absolute favorite creation is the “layered loopy bows. It’s fun to put together the color combinations.”

It’s no surprise that what inspires each bow are girls…her girls!

“Ages almost 6 years and 5 months. I love being able to make bows to match their outfits.”

These two little lovies are her greatest accomplishment in life.

She’s organized in her process, ” I like to cut all the ribbon that I’m going to use to the size, seal the ends and then tie the bows all at one time.”

When she’s not making bows, she loves to “cook, take walks with my family, play with my girls, go to garage sales looking for treasures, and add to my ribbon collection:)”

While she is master of her ribbon, there is a craft she doesn’t know how to do but wishes she did. “Quilting.”

A mother after my own heart, she confesses the way she makes time to craft is “I stay up way too late.” Sometimes it’s the only way to find sanity!

Perhaps it is in those long hours, way past a sane person’s best time, that allow her to dream and set goals, “In ten years, I would love for my little business have grown and to have the need to hire employees to help me. I want to be able to continue to do what I love!”

One of the richest rewards she has found in Precious Angel Bows, aside from the creating is networking. “I just love the fact that I have been able to make new friends that I never would have met if it hadn’t been for my business.”

You can find Robbye and her beautiful bows at “Precious Angel Bows”, on her website “Precious Angel Originals”, blogging at “Precious Angel Originals”.

Her customers stand behind her with feedback like this:

Back for the third purchase (I have 3 Granddaughters :) and I will keep buying, You all should try these, they are GREAT!! They hold up very well!

love,love, love the bows……

Absolutely PERFECT! Your bows are seriously the best..perfect sizes, perfect bow, and great craftsmanship. I will continue to come back and continue to tell friends. Thank you!! :)


Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. The opinions above are my own. Other experiences may vary.

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