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Places to Go for Materials to Build Your Home Studio

You might not be able to afford to buy a premade home studio to record your songs. However, you can still build a pretty significant home studio for yourself. You can do it if you can find a small closet or space, and then you can find the appropriate items to make it soundproof. These are some of the items you need and places you can gather them so that you can have an amazing studio:

Stock photograph of a good looking, studious young woman composing music in her private home studio. She is using a computer & music keyboard to compose and is surrounded by musicians’ equipment.

Weather Stripping

One thing you’ll need for your home studio is waterproof weather stripping. You’ll place it in the corners of the doors wherever you see cracks. No sounds will be able to enter through the cracks while you’re recording if you place the weather stripping correctly. The stripping is inexpensive, and you can most likely find it at any department store, hardware store, or variety store. You can opt to order it online as well. 

Acoustic Panels

The acoustic panels are perhaps the most essential part of the home studio you need. Acoustic panels are what will prevent your recordings from getting reverb and echoing in them. You can buy them in 12″ by 12″ pieces and place them along the walls, or you can buy them in larger pieces that might cover the majority of your wall. Home Depot is one of the best places to shop for such items. The company offers a variety of home improvement tools and materials. They offer a credit card if you want to do a vast amount of shopping there, too. You can ask an expert to help you find the items you need to complete your home studio.


You may also need to invest in some carpeting if the area you’re using for your studio doesn’t have carpets. You can try to put area rugs down as well. It’s up to you. You can find inexpensive area rugs in a number of department stores and small variety stores. The variety stores are great places to go if your budget is low for home studio creation. All you need to do is ensure that every inch of the ground in your home studio is covered so that the carpeting or area rugs will absorb the sound. 

Mic Filter

You’re also going to need a mic filter to cover the mic when you sing. The mic filter is great for helping to prevent you from popping your P’s and making too much of a strong S sound when you sing. You can buy a professional mic filter from a music store. You can also use a homemade mic filter from just about anything in your home. Some people use socks. Other people use masks. The idea is to cover up the microphone and allow the cover to absorb the rough sounds. 

Start Building Your Home Studio Today

Now you know what you need to create the perfect home studio. You can do well with your project. You just have to keep the faith, and it will happen for you. 


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