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Petbrosia Dog or Cat Food Feature

This is Bailey Mae. She is our fur baby. We want to ensure we do everything we can to make her life regal. Petbrosia is helping us with their customize food that is designed specifically for her–from her weight, age, gender and breed.

Bailey Mae loves Petbrosia

Rustle the bag of Petbrosia and Bailey Mae comes hauling fur to make certain we all know it’s HERS and she has NO intention of sharing. See our experience here.

About our Sponsor – Petbrosia

Petbrosia Logo

Every Pet Is Unique!™ Their food should be too. Petbrosia customized nutrition for YOUR dog!

Petbrosia is the FIRST and ONLY pet food designed for your pet’s nutritional needs. Petbrosia uses proprietary algorithms to create a custom blend for your pet. Your order is not created until you need it and delivered right to your front door!

With proper nutrition, your pet can live stronger, run longer, climb easier as he or she matures. Petbrosia gives you the power to provide a higher quality of life by providing tailored nutrition that changes as they change. Our own diets change as we grow. Not only does the quantity of food change over time, but so does the ideal nutritional make-up, including the levels of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. Of course, not all people are the same, so needs vary from person to person. This is the same philosophy we apply to your pet.

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