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Parenthood as the Most Pleasant Remedy to Procrastination

During our teen years and early stages of adulthood, we lived at our own pacing.

We made our own rules and did whatever we wanted.

Stepping into the later years of adulthood may seem scary for most.

The thought of a successful and steady career, marriage, and raising a family- can be a bit too much.

So many responsibilities – taking care of yourself is sometimes hard enough.

Being on your own is so much to handle; what more when you start a family?

This topic is terrifying, but it needs to be done.

Success, marriage, and parenting can be deemed horrifying and unreachable by society, especially to the younger generations.

But it’s not as bad as you think.

This is part of the human experience and an absolutely fulfilling thing.

There are many benefits to parenting.

The most beneficial thing about it is its growth.

Mentally, spiritually, and physically.

If you thought you were responsible now, wait till you get kids!

It really is a pleasant remedy to procrastination.

Having kids can be chaotic, but it teaches you to think ahead of time.

To have order in the household, you must have a process.

One child seems easy but having more than one?

It can be a recipe for disaster if you don’t learn how to think ahead.

Luckily, parenthood teaches you to be patient, kind, accepting, and responsible.

Gone are the days that you procrastinate a few hours before a deadline.

Having kids makes you want to do work stuff ahead of time so that you have more time to spend with them.

And what is better than to go home to a house full of kids that you love from a stressful day of work?

If you still aren’t convinced that parenting is great, let’s take a few inspirations from Ayn Rand, author of Atlas Shrugged.

The Atlas Shrugged book summary is basically a novel about the human condition and human greatness. (Asian Efficiency)

In this book, she talks about many inspiring things we can take away from our daily lives.

A few examples are:

atlas shrugged

Being motivated by curiosity or action

She suggests that this behavior is great to have, especially when you have kids.

Kids, especially toddlers, are curious beings and will try anything.

If your child is like this, you will be motivated to teach them certain things that can help them learn about life.

Making Decisions

Being a parent means making decisions- especially for the benefit of your child.

This is a behavior that will surely influence you during parenthood.

You Have More Time Than You Think

When you plan and do tasks one step at a time, you will slowly realize that you have more time to do things than you thought.

Most parents do not realize this, but if you are organized, you will learn this behavior from parenthood.


If you aren’t used to multitasking, you will be soon enough!

Having kids means doing things one step at a time- at the same time!

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