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Outdoor Activities with Your Dogs

Having a dog during the pandemic offers many benefits, especially if you’re working from home. Some of the benefits you’ll get from your dog are reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels, more opportunities for exercise, and reduced feelings of loneliness.

While your dogs can help you remain healthy, you should also make sure they are healthy. The best way to keep them healthy is to keep them active through outdoor activities. But you should make sure to follow proper health protocols when you go out with your dogs during the pandemic.

Here are some outdoor activities you can do with your dogs to keep them healthy.

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Walk Around the Neighborhood

Walking around the neighborhood is the easiest and most convenient way to let your dogs exercise outdoors. Going out for a walk with your dog is important to keep them healthy and maintain a good weight. It also stimulates your dog’s senses.

Walking your dogs at least once a day is advisable. But the current situation can require you to do it occasionally, and you can make up for the walks by letting them exercise in your backyard.

Even as walking around the neighborhood allows your dog to socialize with other dogs, it’s advisable to avoid this at this time since we’re in the middle of a pandemic. You wouldn’t want your dog to catch the virus, especially with reports that they can also get the disease.

You should also make sure to wear a mask and avoid going near people who are not a part of your household. While your dog might want to mark his territory, you should avoid letting them go near a neighbor’s aluminum fence to avoid any issues with them.

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Visit the Park

Aside from walking around the neighborhood, you can also bring your dog to a dog park. Just make sure you go to the park when it’s not crowded so you’ll reduce the risk of getting infected by the virus. While at the park, you can let him run around and play.

Dog parks typically have big spaces for dogs to run around, so it’s a perfect place for your dogs to play. They also help reduce instances of behavior problems among dogs. When you’re at the dog park, you should be responsible and constantly monitor your dog. It would be better if your dog already knows and obeys basic commands. You should also make sure to pick up after your dog.

You should also make sure to wear a mask and stay at least six feet away from people who are not a part of your household. At this point, you should also avoid sharing items with other people and avoid socializing until everything goes back to normal.

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Play Fetch

Playing fetch with your dogs is one way for you to fight boredom. If they get bored, they will find ways to have fun. And their idea of fun might not be fun for you. They can end up chewing on your shoes, furniture, and other things. When you’re not present, they’ll be more excited.

To avoid this, you can play fetch with them. You can play in the backyard, and if the dog is small enough, you can play inside. Just make sure there’s nothing breakable that they can knock over inside the house. You can even play with them while you’re working on your laptop or PC.

You can also look for automatic dog toys in case your dog doesn’t run out of energy. These automatic toys will keep them busy until they’re too tired to play. If your dog doesn’t know how to play fetch, you can teach him the skill.

Go Camping

If you’re planning to experience nature at its best, then camping is what you should do. You can bring your dog with you as both of you get in tune with nature. Camping also allows you to slow down and catch your breath from the city’s fast pace of life. It also allows you to let your dog experience nature. The new surroundings will stimulate the senses of your dog.

But before you pack your camping gear, make sure to check if the campgrounds are open. You should also avoid going to a campground that’s far from where you live. Also, remember to wear a mask when you go to the camp, especially with the federal mandate requiring the use of masks while on federal property. You should also stay a safe distance from people who are not a part of your household.

Since your dog helps you maintain your health, you should also ensure that they remain healthy. One way to keep them healthy is for them to maintain an active lifestyle even in the middle of a pandemic.

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