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Noodle Loves To Cuddle and Noodle Loves Bedtime Review

Books are the greatest gift. My sister says they’re her weakness. I remember her being in second grade and reading every single book we had on our bookshelf. I was so proud of her! Since having children 22 years ago, reading has been fundamental in our home. Twenty minutes every day.

NosyCrow has launched a new series of books that are perfect for little ones.

Noodle Loves to Cuddle Review

Meet Noodle.

Noodle Loves to Cuddle

He’s a brand new character your baby or toddler will love.

Like them, he’s busy and inquisitive.

He is cute as a button and loves to have fun.

He’s round loves color and books about him are chunky (6.6″x6.4″x.7″), perfect for little meat paws!

He introduces reading through a world of textures, that have even my nine year old wanting in on the touching action!

This series of bright, robust touch-and-feel board books with simple rhyming texts provides plenty of details for parent and child to talk about and explore.

Follow Noodle through his bedtime routine: splashing in the bath, drinking milk, and cuddling up with fluffy lamb.

Familiar and reassuring, with lots of detail to point out and name.

The books are easy to read, keeping short for the attention span of a baby or toddler.

Noodle’s world is filled with the same things in a baby to a toddler’s world ball, ducks, blanket.

Making the book interactive, these items are textured as bumpy, rough, fluffy, furry, or shiny.

They all end with a mirror making the baby a part of the story.

Marion Billet, the author of the Noodle series, does a great job with the verse.

Its rhythm is soothing.

We also read Noodle Loves to Cuddle:

Noodle loves to play with lots of things – a fluffy duck, a cozy blanket, a bumpy ball – but most of all Noodle loves to cuddle with mummy!

A cute, colorful, and utterly irresistible touch and feel book to share with babies and toddlers.

Noodle books are available online as well as at select retailers like Barnes and Noble.

Noodle Loves Bedtime Review

In Noodle Loves Bedtime: Noodle loves getting ready for bed and then snuggling down under the covers, in this book full of gentle touch and feel fun.

This adorable book about bedtime helps tots learn to sequence and attain greater independence just before sleepytime.

My kiddo’s favorite touch-and-feel in this book is the toothpaste.

It looks like Aquafresh, and it’s just as sticky!

The kiddos loved the page where Noodle plays peek-a-boo!

These books would be perfect for a baby’s first Christmas or as a birthday gift.

They are adorable, and reading is such a beautiful gift!

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