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Nomad Footwear Made to Wander!

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Watch any episode of Naked and Afraid and you quickly come to the realization that shoes are a vital part of our existence. While our ancestors invented them to protect and comfort our feet during activities, these days, we tend to use them more as a means of decorations. A fashion statement, if you will.

Nomad Footwear ties function with fashion in their shoes. They offer a selection of shoes with various design elements from high heels to flats. There is classic and contemporary footwear as well as sandals. With a variety of materials, colors are abundant making it easy to find a pair that ties in with your favorite outfit.

Let’s face it, shoes must be comfortable. Our feet contain more bones than any other part of our body. It’s vulnerable to the objects in the wilderness and even the hot ground and rocks in the city. We need shoes to protect our feet. We want them to be an expression of who we are and demand they be comfortable.

Sometime in 1938, in Fort Rock Cave, Oregon, the earliest known shoes were discovered. A pair of sandals dating back to approximately 7,000 or 8,000 B.C.

Footwear changed once the Romans conquered the Greeks. While the Greeks perceived footwear to be unnecessary and self-indulgent, the Romans viewed clothing and footwear as part of a civilized world.  Shoes were used in weddings to symbolize the transfer of authority and given from the bride’s father to the groom.

In 1997, two shoe salesmen had a dream to build a brand that represented the free-spirited indvidual. An individual like you and me. Someone who follows trends and appreciates fashion without forgetting who we are. Nomad Footwear was born, launching the nomadic attitude that lives within us all.

Nomad Footwear pioneered the high EVA foam sandal and launched beyond the junior fashion market. Transforming styles and keeping ahead of fashion with shoes like the Cork Wedge and shoes that are practical and fun day or night.

nomad footwear logoTake a look at the Nomad Footwear logo. A little red man that represents the ideals of Nomad. He symbolizes the brand that has remained true to their origins, passionately created shoes that go beyond comfort and built loyal customers who recognize them for their original styles and versatility.

I’ve often said, “shoes are in my DNA” and Nomad feeds that passion.

I received the Raven in purple. The tweed upper is the perfect texture for fall. These loafers are comfortable and I can wear them with jeans or dresses.

Nomad Raven in Purple

There is plenty of detail in this pair of shoe to make them aesthetically beautiful…the tweed, the piping, the cut and style.

nomad raven in purple

There is also detail in the comfort and function. The sole is soft and let’s my feet feel like they are almost barefoot. A soft, almost velvet-like, “ribbon” runs through the bottom of the shoe offering traction and a quiet walk.


The more I wear Nomad Footwear, the more I discover I like them.

With their frequent sales and everyday reasonably priced selection, Nomad Footwear is sure to become one of your favorite brands of shoes as well.

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