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Moving: It’s a Nightmare

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The Problem

You have all this stuff. You don’t even know how you got so much stuff; your paycheck hasn’t done much but helps you tread water for years! Here you are, full of things, and it’s moving day. You’re not moving across the street, either; you’ve got to go across town, through multiple traffic-clogged intersections, and it’s going to be a week-long ordeal.

stressed woman moving: it's a nightmare

How do you get over this hump? You’ve still got to work. You’ve still got to get the kids to and from school. You’ve still got to feed the family. You’ve still got to keep the old house clean and ensure the new one doesn’t get run over—and then there’s the unpacking; that’s a nightmare too!

One of the best ways to handle the difficult problem is to break it into chunks and proceed from there. Don’t look at it as a massive chore that needs done, look at is as several steps of a larger process. The move isn’t the only aspect of the move.

You’ve got to pack, you’ve got to transport, and you’ve got to make return trips; then you’ve got to unpack and rearrange. Following are several tips and tricks to contribute to making your moving day less stressful, and take up less of your time.

Start Small

One of the best ways to organize your packing arrangements, according to Tiger Moving and Storage, a New Jersey moving company, is to “Begin packing items that you don’t use very often. Start in the basement and the attic. Label each box and store them where they won’t be in the way.”

If you’ve got to move that’s coming up in two months, why not start early? Moves usually take longer than you expect; why not get those unused heirlooms, collectibles, and emergency supplies tucked away in sealed and marked boxes straight away? In fact, depending on your moving arrangements, you could even begin to follow through with the moving process piecemeal.

Certainly, the bed, the dresser, the washer and dryer, the cabinets, the entertainment center, the trampoline, and many other furniture items are just too large for your car and too cumbersome to move on your own. But your book collection can be boxed up and stacked in the back seat. You can drop it by the new property or on your way to work.

What about those instruments? You can fit the drums and guitars in the back and front seats. The desktop computer from the basement can go, too—you only actually use the laptop. Then there are your clothes; they can just be put in suitcases and carted over one load at a time.

You Don’t Have To Do It All In One Day

moving box clip art moving: it's a nightmare

While it’s best to get the heavier, more challenging items in a single effort, you may find that moving piecemeal over a week or a month is a much easier transition that is far less stressful. Throw some math at the wall and see what sticks.

How long does it take you to backup a box; twenty minutes? How long does it take you to unpack that box; the same? And what’s the drive from your old residence to your new one; about twenty minutes? Well, then each little move takes an hour.

So if you spread out your move over a month, just devoting an hour a day to moving, you can get everything moved without impacting your schedule or being stressed out. It’s hard to find time in a day, but an hour isn’t much. An hour is an errand. Substitute that for your shopping time—you already have a new house in your name, the varying inside accouterments can wait.

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