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The Mom’s Guide to Car Seats

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As a mom, you think about your child’s safety above everything else. That’s why families with children often make it a point to childproof their home. That includes putting up baby fences, putting anything sharp out of the way, and covering electric outlets. Aside from making sure your child is safe at home, parents should also look into making sure that their child is safe every time they step into a vehicle.

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Car Safety

When it comes to car safety, the number one thing to have is a car seat. Car seats are now mandatory as it has been proven to help save a child’s life in case of an accident. But with so many varieties, and depending on your child’s age, you will top to wonder if you are doing right by your child. To help ensure that you’re on the right track, Alpha Car Finance has put together this guide that can help you with making your car safer for your child.

Find the Right Car Seat

There are different types of car seats with different designs as each model is aimed towards a specific age bracket. To find out which model is best for your child, use their age, height, and weight as factors.

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Here are the different types of car seats to choose from:

  • Rear-facing convertible car seats- The rear-facing car seats are designed for newborn babies. Parents are encouraged to use this car seat for their children for as long as possible. The recommended age is from newborns to at least two years of age. These are typically designed with a 22-35 lb weight limit.
  • Forward facing seat with harness- Forward-facing car seats are recommended for children who outgrew their rear-facing seats. These are typically designed to handle children up to 85 lbs in weight. It is recommended that parents use this seat until their child outgrows them. Observe how they are in their seats, if their ears are above the car seat, or if their shoulders are above the car seat’s top harness slots, it is then the time to move him up to a booster.
  • Booster seats– These are typically used by children between the ages of 8 and 12. They are designed to boost your kids to allow the seatbelts to be positioned correctly. They should be used until your child weighs more than 80lbs.

Know How to Install

After you determine what kind of car seat is best for your child, the next thing you should know is how to install the seat correctly so it can do its job.

The child seats often come with a manual that can help guide parents on how to put it in their vehicle correctly. Some parents are lax on seat installations, and some don’t bother to check the manual at all.

But as guardians of young lives, you must try to make an effort to overcome that and put the seats correctly in your car. After all, a few minutes of reading about how to install it is better than a few days in the hospital.

Secure Your Child

Now that you’ve installed the seat correctly and have read through all the guidelines, ensure that your child is seated correctly. Refer to the manual if you are unsure of how to do that, and make sure that your child is safe, secure, and most importantly, comfortable before you go for a drive.

Parents should never skimp out on their child’s safety, especially when going for a drive no matter how short or long. Keep that in mind the next time you go shopping for a new car seat.

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