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Mistakes Made In Administering Oral Health

The health of teeth and gums is essential to enjoy good general health throughout our lives. Poor oral health could lead to damage and cause you to need restorative procedures such as getting Dental Implants in naples. For this reason, it is important to know what frequent mistakes harm our oral health. Today we review some of the most common!


A dentist and patient examination

Baking Soda

Using baking soda only or other home whitening methods is the first on the list. Home whitening techniques can be very abrasive and erode tooth enamel. As a consequence, it can increase the risk of tooth sensitivity or decay. Teeth whitening should only be done under the supervision of the dentist. To recover the natural white of your teeth, use products that take care of your oral health such as whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash that, with their 5 combined actions, return your teeth to their natural white in 10 days while preventing tooth erosion.

The Toothbrush

Another mistake is not properly maintaining your toothbrush. Brushing is the main part of daily hygiene, so keeping the toothbrush in optimal condition is very important to taking care of your oral health. Doing so is not difficult, you just have to rinse it with hot water after brushing, shake it, and store it in an upright position, without direct contact with other brushes and with the protective cap. You should also buy a new toothbrush every three months.

Brushing Your Teeth

If you exert too much force while brushing your teeth, it is not a way to maintain oral health. More pressure does not mean that your teeth will be cleaner. On the contrary, brushing your teeth often with too much pressure can negatively affect both your enamel and your gums. Following a correct brushing technique with a proper toothbrush is the way to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. It is ideal to choose a toothbrush that suits the specific needs of your mouth and the different correct brushing techniques.

Hygiene Instruments

You should not only use interproximal hygiene instruments and mouthwashes for oral health. Brushing only reaches 60% of the tooth surface. The remaining 40% can only be accessed through the use of interproximal or interdental cleaning instruments such as floss or dental tapes, interproximal brushes, or oral irrigators. For this reason, the use of mouthwash can help complement the action of brushing. Most cavities and gum disease are caused by plaque accumulated in the spaces between teeth. To avoid this and keep your mouth 100% clean and healthy, you should choose the best interproximal cleaning product including mouthwash.

Cleaning the Tongue

It is very common to forget to clean the tongue during daily hygiene, but it is essential so as to maintain good oral health. The tongue accumulates the largest amount of bacteria in the oral cavity that promote the appearance of bad breath or halitosis and the formation of bacterial plaque. Avoiding it and cleaning your entire tongue is as simple as adding a small gesture to your daily hygiene with a specific tongue cleaner.


Do not make these mistakes when you are trying to maintain good oral health. Search for “Dentist near me Huntsville AL” to find a dental professional that you can speak to about how you should go about maintaining dental hygiene on a consistent basis.

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