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Mermaid Pillow the Magical Home Decor

We received a Mermaid Pillow from Mermaid Pillow Co. in exchange for this review. All opinions and our love for all things mermaid remain our own.

I have a thing for sequins. Shame me if you must, but if you haven’t heard of a Mermaid Pillow before, get ready! They are proof sequins are magical.

MacKenzie and I shop and one thing that will stop her in our tracks is Mermaid Pillows.


When you slide your fingers across the pillow, the reversible sequins flip colors allowing you to create fun and funky designs; monograms you can check free online monogram makers and more.

Want to erase your design? Just slide your hand over the sequins again, in the opposite direction, and like a shimmery Etch-A-Sketch, you’re ready to draw again!

MacKenzie loves her MERMAID PILLOW from a small boutique in Nebraska specializing in the ‘mermaid pillow‘ by Mermaid Pillow Co./Everything Mermaid.

They feature beautiful sequins in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

These pillows will transform your home decor look.

You can change designs with the seasons — or how you’re feeling ;) — and even create special messaging or monograms!

A great investment in a throw pillow that will never go out of style.

The Mermaid Pillow from Mermaid Pillow Co. features a soft side with a beautiful mermaid image in blues, greens, and purples.

It has text that reads Mermaids Imagine.

mermaid pillow from mermaid pillow co

On the backside of the Mermaid Pillow Co. pillow are soft blue and green sequins that you can write and create on, revealing a stunning purple.

mermaid pillow from mermaid pillow with reversible sequins

This pillow is so much fun and a great addition to MacKenzie’s room. She finds it relaxing to draw and erase on the pillow, and when it is not in use, it makes a great throw pillow!

The Mermaid Pillow is taking the internet by storm, why not add a little magic to your own home decor with Mermaid Pillow Co.

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