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Meeting Supplies

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Before a meeting where there are new people or a large number of people, consider getting the supplies needed to make sure everyone knows names and positions. There are other supplies that you can get for the meeting as well such as awards for employee recognition. 

When you look at badge holders, the best kind to get is one that has a plastic covering so that all you have to do is slide a name tag in the space. A clip can be placed on the back of the holder so that it can easily be attached to a shirt or jacket. These badges are convenient because you can reuse them for other meetings. If you don’t want to write names on a piece of paper, you can get paper stock so that you can print the information. Lanyards are a good idea if you plan to walk to other locations during the meeting. If you are displaying promotional products, you can create printed supplies that give information about the items. Guests can follow along with the presentation as you talk about the products. Ribbons can be awarded to those who have sold the most or those who have the best attendance while at work or at school.

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