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Living with Wine: How to Renovate Your Free Room to a Wine Cellar

Wine is an essential beverage for every American household. Surveys have reported that most Americans (60%) drink wine occasionally, with one-third of Americans (34%) drinking wine at least once a month. Their most preferred wine to drink during occasions is red, and they believe that one or two glasses of wine is enough for one sitting. These statistics have shown how Americans love their wine and how they are fueling the already $60 billion industry. Some Americans even love wine so much that they have a dedicated wine cellar in their home.

You might be thinking about it: it’s the pandemic, and people are stuck in their homes due to quarantine restrictions. It’s time to do some renovation! You’ve probably got a big enough place for a wine cellar, perhaps an attic or basement that you never got to use, or a guest room that hasn’t been touch for the last year or so. Those are great areas to build your wine cellar, and you can certainly start working on it during your weekends. Here are some great renovation ideas for your wine cellar. You can also read more about the best wine good for your room parties.

Wine store with wooden design

Essentials For Your Wine Cellar

Best Location For Your Wine

You can technically place your wine cellar in any place of your home. However, the wine cellar must be located in one of the coolest and most humid rooms in your home. This is to facilitate your wine’s aging process and for it to not go bad. If you do place your wine cellar in a warmer room, be prepared to install a cooling unit within it. If you can’t do that, then we suggest that you hire a contractor to do it. You’ll usually need a licensed electrical technician and an HVAC installer for the job. These two people can help you install a cooling unit and even cover it up, just in case it would ruin the look of your wine cellar! Additionally, having some expert help can help you speed up the process, just in case you’re in a rush.

Furring The Walls

You don’t have to fur the walls in every room of your home. However, it is essential for your wine cellar. The act of furring your wine cellar walls can help you store your wine more confidently as it reduces dampness within the room. The wooden strips you need for the job are usually easy to apply.

Start off by removing any paint off the walls. Once you see the concrete barrier on the wall, that’s when you know you’ve done the job. Then it’s time to fur the wall with strips of wood or foam, whatever you feel comfortable using for your cellar. It’s the matter of sticking them with construction glue. After that, you’re done!

Wine Cellar Door

The wine cellar door is one of the most essential components of your wine cellar. If it’s glass, you should make sure that the glass is dark in color because you wouldn’t want any sunlight entering your wine cellar. That would affect the temperature and could ruin your wine. Additionally, when installing your door, make sure that it locks appropriately in place. Feel free to seal any spaces between the door frame with cement. This makes sure that the temperature inside the room stays the same no matter what.

Wine Racks

This is the easiest part of the process. And it’s the last one too! Installing your wine rack is as simple as placing it in your cellar. Most wine racks are already pre-built, so you wouldn’t need to do extra work to fit them in your cellar. You can also opt to buy old wine racks from wine businesses that are planning to close down. Those are usually sturdy and provide the best storage for your wine. You can also choose to make it yourself. There are many DIY wine racks on the internet, and they can be made with different kinds of wood. Feel free to experiment!

Pallet Wall

A pallet wall is a great DIY wall that can give your wine cellar that rustic feeling. It’s more of an addition to your wine cellar, and it’s not really all that essential. Pallet walls are easy to build, and they only take a couple of hours of your time.

Start by buying pallets from a nearby supermarket or retail store. You can also choose to purchase standard wood pallets from a hardware store, but those tend to be more expensive. Once you’ve gotten your pallets, it’s time to break them down and make sure they fit the surface area of your wall. After you’ve measured and broken down the pallet to the right sizes, it’s time to install them using construction-grade glue (make sure to remove the paint before doing this!). You can also choose to drill them in if you want. Lastly, it’s time to paint the wall to whatever color you desire. It’s not a demanding DIY project, and you can be finished doing it in just one weekend!

Having a wine cellar can improve your lifestyle and also increase the cost of your property. They are an excellent addition to every home, even if you don’t drink! It’s a great place to entertain guests, have enough supply for a party, or enough to supply yourself during this pandemic. So start building your wine cellar now!

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