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No Leak is Too Small: 5 Reasons You Need to Fix It Immediately

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Whether it is your roof or plumbing system, a leak is never one of those things you want to ignore. It often starts small but quickly escalates to become a big problem. Once there is a leak, every ounce of water that comes out aggravates the damage it leaves in its wake. Every leak needs fixing, and here’s a rundown of the reasons why.

water leak

  1. Prevent structural damage

A leak in the roof or plumbing spreads out to different parts of the structure. If this becomes chronic, the water can spread out and cause immense damage to the wall, roofing system, floor and even the foundation depending on the source of that leak.

If this is left unfixed for a while, the prolonged exposure of wood and cement to moisture makes it begin to deteriorate. This could weaken the whole structure causing the risk of collapse.

  1. Avert fire hazards

Whenever there is a leak especially on the roof, the resulting moisture can damage the electrical wiring and insulation materials often disguised in the ceiling. This kind of damage can cause serious fire hazards. The only way to prevent such risks is to have a professional plumber address the leak before it spreads out.

  1. Potential health issues due to mold

Leaks staying for long increase the likelihood of mold formation often associated with damp and water damage.

Mold can be a dangerous health hazard, as it can cause health issues not only through physical contact but through the air we breathe as well. There is the airborne danger of inhaling mold spores leading to issues such as asthma and other breathing problems; nasal stuffiness and irritation of the skin, eyes, and throat.

  1. Save on your water bills

A leaking tap, faucet, or any part of your plumbing leads to incessant water loss. Needless to say, this loss will reflect as usage on your water bills, which only means that you’ll be paying for more water than you actually consume in your home.

If left unaddressed, a water leak can seriously inflate your water bills. In fact, this is the reason why inexplicably increased water bills are one of the signals that could indicate the presence of a hidden plumbing leak.

It is always advised that you swiftly seek a professional plumber to check your home for leaks if you notice a strange, unexplained increase in your water bill compared to your previous bills. A plumbing repair will help restore the cost of your monthly water bill to the normal figure, helping you to save in the process.

  1. Escape expensive repairs

It goes without saying: damage to your roofing, wall framing or any other structure in the home will need repair. Depending on the level of damage, these repairs can be quite costly as they may involve making major replacements in the home. Interestingly, you can escape all that cost with a simple repair of a leak.

Last words

Whatever way you look at it, your best course of action is to seek the help of a professional plumbing company when it comes to fixing a leak in your home. You don’t want to risk further damage by having the small leak fixed improperly – worsening the condition of your house.

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