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Laughing Man Coffee and Keurig for Holiday Entertaining

We received Laughing Man Coffee in exchange for this post. All opinions and our love for coffee remain our own.

Elevate your holiday hosting with Laughing Man Coffee’s ethically sourced blends brewed conveniently using Keurig’s single-serve magic. Cheers!

The holidays are here and we’re gearing up for a season of entertaining. We love desserts and Laughing Man Coffee pairs nicely with the holiday desserts and makes a great after-dinner beverage.

It’s a delicious coffee and when paired with a Keurig Special Edition K-Café Single Serve Coffee Maker, entertaining has never been easier, or bundle the duo together for the perfect gift.

Keurig Special Edition K-Café Single Serve Coffee Maker

Every house can be a coffeehouse this holiday and into the New Year thanks to the Keurig Special Edition K-Cafe Single Serve Coffee, Latte, and Cappuccino Maker. It makes it easy to brew your favorite coffee, create creamy lattes and frothy cappuccinos. It’s an all-in-one coffeehouse brewer. You’ll find extra holiday power in the Coffee Shot where with just a press the shot button to brew a concentrated shot of coffee to make delicious hot or iced lattes and cappuccinos.

But the real treat awaits.

Laughing Man Coffee. Consider it like inviting Hugh Jackman over for coffee and dessert. He co-founded Laughing Man Coffee, and since its inception, strives to “Make Every Cup Count” by donating a portion of sales from each purchase to the Laughing Man Foundation, which supports coffee farming communities and programs that ensure fair wages, sustainable health, growth and success for coffee farmers and their families.

During a 2009 trip to Ethiopia as an ambassador for World Vision Australia, Hugh Jackman met a young coffee farmer named Dukale. The outstanding coffee Dukale shared, nurtured by his own hands, reflected the distinctive qualities of the land and a tradition of farming practices passed along from generation to generation.

Laughing Man Dukale's blend


That meeting led to one of my favorite cups of coffee. Laughing Man Dukale’s blend. Oh my! Is it good! Sweet and fruity notes of plum with dark chocolate. It’s a great coffee from a sustainable, eco-friendly source. It’s a full-bodied, robust coffee. It isn’t strong, nor is it bitter.

Through the years, I’ve met many coffee connoisseurs. Some prefer dark, some prefer light, and some swear by coffee from a single-origin over a blend. Those people talk purity and taste that cannot be competed with over any blend. I have NOT been one of these people. I like blends. Then, came Laughing Man Coffee and I feel like I should be eating crow with my cup of Joe. It’s single-origin coffee that tastes incredible. It’s delicious, and yet…that word seems too boring in describing Laughing Man.

If you have a coffee lover on your list or need a hostess gift, consider Laughing Man Coffee. It’s available at Target,, and retailers nationwide. It comes bagged (12-ounces) for $9.49) and it’s Hugh Jackman-approved.

Laughing Man Coffee:

Laughing Man Coffee is a brand founded by actor Hugh Jackman and David Steingard in 2011. The company focuses on providing ethically sourced and high-quality coffee while also contributing to social and environmental causes. The name “Laughing Man” is inspired by an 18th-century Ethiopian coffee farmer named “Dukale,” who had a contagious laugh and a positive impact on Jackman during a visit to Ethiopia.

The brand offers a variety of coffee blends and single-origin beans, often sourced from regions known for producing exceptional coffee. Laughing Man Coffee places an emphasis on fair trade practices, ensuring that coffee farmers are paid fairly for their work and that their communities benefit from the partnership.

Keurig for Holiday Entertaining Hostess Ideas:

Keurig is a popular brand known for its single-serve coffee machines that use specially designed coffee pods called K-Cups. These machines are not only convenient for everyday use but can also be great assets during holiday entertaining. Here are some hostess ideas for incorporating Keurig into your holiday gatherings:

  1. Coffee and Hot Beverage Station: Set up a self-serve station with a Keurig machine, a variety of Laughin Man coffee flavors, hot chocolate, and tea options. Provide festive mugs, stirrers, whipped cream, and a selection of toppings like cinnamon and marshmallows.
  2. Custom Coffee Creations: Allow guests to customize their coffee by offering different flavored syrups, creamers, and sweeteners. Create a menu of specialty holiday drinks, such as peppermint mochas, gingerbread lattes, and caramel macchiatos.
  3. Dessert Pairings: Pair different coffee flavors with holiday desserts. For example, offer a dark roast coffee with rich chocolate desserts or a medium roast with spiced cookies.
  4. Coffee Cocktails: For adult guests, create coffee-based cocktails using Keurig-brewed coffee as a base. Irish coffee, coffee martinis, and coffee-infused liqueurs can add a festive touch to the evening.
  5. Hot Beverage Favors: As a parting gift, consider providing guests with small bags of specialty coffee or hot cocoa mix paired with a festive mug or personalized travel cup.
  6. Coffee Tasting Activity: Turn coffee tasting into an interactive activity. Set up a tasting station with different coffee varieties and encourage guests to compare and discuss the flavors, aromas, and notes of each blend.
  7. Themed Coffee Bar: Align your coffee station with a specific holiday theme, like a winter wonderland or a cozy cabin. Decorate the area accordingly and offer coffee options that match the theme, such as cinnamon-spiced coffee or nutmeg-infused lattes.

Remember to provide clear instructions on how to use the Keurig machine and keep it well-stocked with water and K-Cups to ensure a seamless and enjoyable coffee experience for your guests during the holiday season.

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