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The Different Kinds of Attic Ladders

Attic ladders are useful for homeowners who have an attic or loft. It would be inconvenient to reach the attic without having an attic ladder. These ladders are easily installed in your attic and easily dropped down so one can climb up without any difficulty.

These ladders are generally capable of being retracted. This is because one doesn’t want to leave the ladder to the attic down all the time. They will usually fold up when not in use.

different kinds of attic ladders

From compact attic ladder to an industrial ladder, we have a lot of variety available in the market which has made it difficult for customers to choose the right option. To ease the purchasing decision, here are some of the different kinds listed:

  1. Wooden attic ladders

These ladders are a pretty strong option in the market that can hold over 300 pounds. They are 7 feet in height from the ceiling. The stair drops down when the attic door opens up with easy access to the attic.

Wooden ladders are stable and well balanced with no sudden movements when using the ladder. The wood can be painted to compliment with the ceiling.

  1. Aluminum ladders

These ladders are strong which can hold over 350 pounds and the longest one can stretch up to 10 feet. Aluminum material is stronger than the wood when it comes to ladder making. These ladders are easier to install with an adjustable feet option. Most of them come with installation manual, and there are installation videos online available as well.

  1. High ceiling ladders

These ladders can reach up to a height of 22.5 inches and are made of aluminum generally. There are lock safety latches in between the sections for additional support and stability. The protective floor bumpers and anti-skid tread strips are additional features that maximize safety. It can carry up to 570 pounds.

  1. Small opening attic ladders

Attic openings in hallways, storages, and garages must use these ladders. It can fit in smaller measurements. The insulated seals at the opening are easier to install and can be done within few minutes. These ladders can be easily attached and detached.

How to choose the best one?

Once you have gone through the different kinds of attic ladders available in the market, here are some things to take into account before making your final decision:

  • Attic ladders are available in different rough opening dimensions. Consider them before you seal the deal.
  • The second most important factor to take into account is ceiling height. Each attic ladder has a different ceiling height. Make sure it is consistent with your attic’s dimension for a proper fitting.
  • There is a wide range of accessories available with each attic ladder. Each model comes with a different range of features. Make sure the ladder looks aesthetically appealing, it is comfortable to use, and the installation process is much easier. Having these features will enhance its usability, functionality and the visual appeal.
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