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What My Kids Learned at the #GreatPumpkinFest #KDFirstTimer

We received admission to Kings Dominion’s the #GreatPumpkinFest in exchange for this post. All opinions and our love for Kings Dominion remain our own.

Sometimes, growing up is tough stuff. This past weekend at Kings Dominion I was reminded watching my children at the Great Pumpkin Fest.

Just for the record, fall is our absolute favorite. The highways are lined with trees changing from summer’s green to fall’s crimson red. We’re getting back to comfort food and crisp afternoons. And then there are the fall festivals!

We love Kings Dominion. It’s a great amusement park just outside Richmond, Virginia. For us it is a weekend getaway and a time to scream til our voice is hoarse and laugh ’til our bellies hurt.

Now through the end of October KingsDominion is celebrating fall with the Great Pumpkin Fest. My kiddos learned about this our last visit, and had it on their wish list.

Since Kings Dominion has Planet Snoopy and all your favorite Peanuts characters, we prepared by watching It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

peanuts building the great pumpkin fest

When we arrived, checked into the park as usual and then headed for Planet Snoopy, just right of the one-third scale Eiffel Tower.

planet snoopy the great pumpkin fest

You’ll need to get a treat bag for kiddos under 60-inches tall for them to participate in all the fun activities from the station right by Planet Snoopy’s entrance.

Don’t worry, participation is included with park admission.

Which seems like a great time to bring up that Kings Dominion offers a Pre-K Pass that grants free admission to 3-5 year olds for the rest of this year and all of 2018! More info can be found here.

This is also where the beginning of our lesson begins.

My kiddos are freakishly tall. They far exceed the height measurement. MacKenzie had been so excited about the Great Pumpkin Fest. She wanted to paint pumpkins and do the maze.

I wrapped my arm around her and said, “Isn’t it crazy how one visit you’re hoping your tall enough so you can go on a particular ride, and the next visit you feel defeated because you’re now tall enough to ride ALL the rides? Today, we’re going to meet little ones who think this neighborhood of activities is the best day of their life!”

We started at Sally’s Pumpkin Patch, where you can pick a pumpkin and paint it.

sally's pumpkin patch painting the great pumpkin fest

We walked through the area and admired all the children busy decorating their pumpkin. Some used stickers, others markers. When we reached the far end, there was a small girl who had just finished her pumpkin. She beamed at its final look.

With permission, I captured her pumpkin in that moment. It seems to be beaming back with approval; don’t you agree?

pumpkin decorated at the great pumpkin fest

As we exited, MacKenzie spotted Lucy. She was in costume as a witch. MacKenzie gave her a hug and the two posed for a photo.

the great pumpkin fest lucy

From there we headed over to Franklin’s Scarecrow Hollow. This is a maze made using bales of hay.

the great pumpkin fest franklins scarecrow hollow

It is decorated with cute scarecrows and pumpkins.

the great pumpkin fest maze

MacKenzie had so much fun using her height to help little ones weave through the maze. Guiding them when they found themselves at a fork or dead end.

the great pumpkin fest ghostly games

We walked through Ghostly Games. A midway that is decorated for the season and offers fun games for the children.

We spent time walking through Planet Snoopy. It was so festive with all the decorations.

the great pumpkin fest coaster

The rides were decorated.

The groomed flower beds and grounds were decorated.

William found a show that featured a Mad Scientist who was doing science experiments. It was a full house and the show was really fun. I loved how energetic the Mad Scientist was the entire time.

the mad scientist at the great pumpkin fest

Then we came to Woodstock’s Barnyard Pals



woodstock's petting zoo

The cuteness and cuddliness of this attraction was worth the drive!

the great pumpkin fest pony and sheep

There were sheep and goats.

A brown calf that had beautiful brown eyes and was just so sweet.

Then I told MacKenzie she could pet the animals.

the great pumpkin fest goat

She started with the pygmy goat.

the great pumpkin fest baby duck

Then she found a baby duck, that she could pick up.

the great pumpkin fest holding chick

This little chic peeped it’s way to her arms.

the great pumpkin fest chick

She snuggled him until he fell asleep.

Then we checked back in with the sheep.

sheep the great pumpkin fest

She found a baby pygmy goat that laid down for her to pet.

pygmy goat the great pumkin fest

Then it was all cuddles for the fluffy white dwarf rabbit.

bunny the great pumpkin fest

There were even larger rabbits.

rabbits great pumpkin fest

There were also pigs. Cute pigs.

pig great pumpkin fest

This llama and his haircut stole the show. MacKenzie tried to convince me he wanted to come home with us. Look in his eyes. He didn’t not think this was wise.

llama great pumpkin fest

We had a great afternoon at Kings Dominion the Great Pumpkin Fest. After walking through Planet Snoopy and finally dragging MacKenzie out of the petting zoo, we rode rides.

the great pumpkin fest

My kiddos learned that sometimes being told you’re too tall doesn’t mean you can’t find joy in the moment. There’s always time to celebrate someone else’s pumpkin, take in a show, slow down and pet the animals.

Saturday and Sundays now through October 29th celebrate fall with Kings Dominion’s the Great Pumpkin Fest. You never know, you might just see the Great Pumpkin!

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