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5 Craft Ideas to Do With Your Kids This Summer

Summer is here, and whether they returned to in-person learning or not this school year, the kids are back home full-time for the next couple of months. That means that you need to come up with plenty of activities to keep them occupied. And, while the swimming pool may work for part of the day, they can’t stay in there the entire summer.

Check out the rest of this article for some great craft ideas that you and the kids can enjoy this summer.

toilet paper roll butterfly kids craft

1. A New Kind of Game

When it comes to family bonding, there’s arguably not a much better time than board games.

With that in mind, consider making your own board game and watch their faces light up as they play a game they helped create.

2. Brighten Someone Else’s Day

Working together to craft ideas of things to make and send to others is a great way to pass the time.

Making and delivering gifts to cheer up a friend or giving them chores and a small allowance to help them save up and send roses to a special family member or friend can not only be fun but also teach them about responsibility and giving.

3. DIY Kinetic Sand

This is a craft project that can keep on giving.

Not only will it help familiarize your child with ratios and allow them to express themselves with different colors, but it also will give them hours of playful fun.

Supplies Needed

  • 1 bowl
  • 1 pan
  • 1 measuring cup
  • Decorative sand
  • Canola oil
  • Corn starch (flour can also be used but corn starch will give the sand a silkier finish)

Measuring is always a ratio of 5:3:1! 5 scoops of sand, 3 scoops of flour, and 1 scoop of oil.

When they are finished playing with it, store it in a plastic bag and it’ll be good for more playtime later.

Learn how to make your own moon sand.

4. Create a Garden for a Fairy or Gnome

There are plenty of DIY tech projects for kids but this one gets back to basics.

A real garden for an imaginary creature can stimulate all styles of creativity within your child.

Furthermore, they can learn about responsibility,  gardening, and soil science while having a little fun.

Supplies needed

  • Potting soil
  • Glass or plastic jar or container with a wide opening
  • Small rocks
  • Activated charcoal
  • Indoor plants
  • Moss
  • Small decorative items (shells, rocks, etc.)
  • Spray bottle & water


  • Cover the bottom of your container with a layer of small rocks
  • Put down a layer of activated charcoal
  • Add a layer of potting soil about 2 ½ inches deep
  • Add in your plants and ensure roots are covered with soil
  • Top with a final layer of pebbles and moss
  • Decorate as desired
  • Place the terrarium where it will get regular, indirect sunlight
  • Lightly water the base of the garden every 2 weeks or when the soil looks dry

5. Almost Every Kid Loves Slime

If your kids haven’t already pressured you into this craft project, now is the perfect time.

Supplies needed

  • ½ cup of white glue
  • Mixing bowl
  • Mixing spoon
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring spoons
  • 2 Teaspoons Borax powder dissolved in warm water
  • Resealable bag
  • Preferred color of food coloring


  • Pour the glue into the mixing bowl
  • Add 5 drops of preferred food coloring
  • Add in dissolved borax powder
  • Mix all ingredients until everything is combined and there is no white glue visible
  • Store in a resealable bag

Be sure to check out this non-Borax, magnetic slime recipe and this edible Vampire Blood slime how-to.

Craft time with your children can help fill some of those summer hours, especially when it’s just too hot for outdoor activities. Pick one of the above tips and try it out today—your kids are sure to enjoy it!

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