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How To Help Your Kid With Essay Writing Even If You Suck At It

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Parents have a role to play in making their kids good essay writers. Though kids love using the do my homework phrase when they have challenges, you can groom them to become better writers. Even if you are not good a good writer, there are many ways you can help them to succeed. Let’s look at how you can achieve this.

How To Help Your Kid With Essay Writing Even If You Suck At It

  • Encourage kids to practice writing regularly

Naturally, most kids hate to write. They can do with short stories, but see essays as too long and boring assignments. They need encouragement to write and practice essay writing. Only then can they develop interest and even get better at it.

Teachers prefer to use school hours for lessons. And when they give assignments to students, they expect them to practice at home outside school hours. Make it a habit to encourage your child to write at least three or four essays every week even if they don’t have them as homework for the week. It will help them to develop a passion for it, and get better in using words to express themselves.

Another thing to consider when encouraging kids to practice writing is to give them the freedom to write on an interesting topic. Even if you came up with the topics, allow them to make their choice. They should also give suggestions. Kids love writing about animals and other things that fascinate them.

  • Make Use of what they like: Computer or paper

You need something to improve your kid’s interest in essay writing. It isn’t going to be essay initially but will be possible if you are persistent. You can also make use of what they like to help them to develop their interest in writing. If they are happy using the iPad or computer, then let them have their way.

There are apps that simulate writing with a real pen and paper. You can install an app that has similar features on your device like the Bamboo Paper. Or install any app your kids love writing with.

How To Help Your Kid With Essay Writing Even If You Suck At It

  • Find more examples

Give your kids examples of good quality essays to read. It will give them more ideas on how to create their own essays. They will understand and develop more confidence while reading different essay examples. Your explanation won’t make sense to them without examples. Even if you cannot create a perfect essay to serve as examples, you can find many essay writing samples online or get an online essay writer to provide them.

  • Show encouragement

Sometimes, all it takes to get your kids to put in their best effort is little encouragement. It could be in the form of reward or compliments. Compliment them for trying, even if you know they are not there yet. Use constructive criticisms but not all the time. You can use words like “bad essay” to describe what he or she has written. It will bring fear and discouragement.


Your kids need to develop their interest in essay writing otherwise your effort to help them will be in vain. Use what they love as bait to get them interested. It is not going to be an essay task, but you have to be persistent so that they can become a better essay writer. Follow the tips above, and don’t be shy to seek help from professionals even if your essay writing sucks!

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