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Beat the Heat: Guide to Keeping Summer Cool

Summer fun without summer heat is unavoidable.

But we are talking about those summer doldrums when it seems like a simple walk to the fridge for a cold drink is more trouble than it’s worth it.

The heat and subsequent lethargy also make us more likely to turn on the cooling and take more showers.

People with lawns and gardens are also more likely to use their sprinklers and garden hoses more frequently. This can result in some very big utility bills.   This means that it is in your best interests to find ways to beat the heat without losing too much money. It can be as simple as ensuring that you schedule an AC repair before the heat really sets in. This guarantees that the repairman will not have too many jobs and can take his time to assess how to get your unit working perfectly. 

Gardeners do not need to despair either. Plants thrive in humidity so simply rig up some dark covers or netting over your plant beds. This will keep the worst of the scorching heat off your delicate leaves and trap enough moisture inside the netting that the plants don’t wither in the heat. Thriving in the heat is often about finding a way to turn the situation to your advantage. You do not have to give in and let the sun roast you all summer long.      

Thermometer in the sky, the heat

Check Your Insulation 

A properly sealed house will cool down and maintain its cool for longer than a badly sealed house. Request an auditor from the state to come and check your home to ensure that the sealing is good and to give you tips and ideas on how to improve the sealing of your windows and doors. This will ensure that you keep the cool indoors and the heat outdoors. The best thing about a properly sealed house is that it works for you in every weather.

Remodel Your Roof 

If you can afford it, replace your shingles with reflective tile and install some solar panels. You can use the power from the solar panels to reduce your power bills and the reflective tile will make your roof cooler. 

Black or dark shingles absorb heat and can cause your home to be heated up. Replacing the shingles with a light color, or a reflective tile, you can cut the amount your home heats up from the sun by as much as half. If this sounds too expensive, a simple reflective and light-colored paint on the shingles can also reduce the amount to which they absorb the heat from the sun. 

Portable Fans 

This is great for someone who wants to enjoy their deck but gets overheated easily. You can buy or rent several types of portable fans. It depends on your intended usage. 

Small handheld fans that run on batteries are great if you want to stay cool while relaxing on the deck. A stand fan you can plug in can help to give you a cooling breeze allowing you to have a restful sleep at night. Backyard parties in the summer require something a lot more powerful. Misting fans and large portable fans located in strategic areas can keep the air moving and help your friends avoid feeling overheated. 

Install an Awning 

Install awnings over your windows and the porch and deck. This will shade the areas and make them cooler. It will also allow you to keep the shades and curtains drawn and enjoy the natural light without feeling like you are cooking in the summer heat. 

Window glass can get very hot and push this heat into your home if they are in direct sunlight. An awning shades the glass from the sun, allowing it to avoid heating up. 

There are many types of awnings that can work with your home and many are easy to install and maintain. You may even like the shade it provides so much that you get a permanent overhang.   

Cooking on the stovetop or with the oven can heat up the kitchen, leave you a sweaty mess, and reduce the overall cooling effect of your whole home. In addition, you will no longer feel like eating once you’re sweaty and tired possibly with a headache brought on by the heat. Thus, finding an alternative to cooking during the afternoon is necessary to stay cool.

But eating out every day is not fiscally responsible either. Thus, you might want to invest in a crock-pot. Your family will be eating a lot of stews and casseroles, but they are unlikely to complain about meals that do not heat up the kitchen. 

Grilling outside is also a good idea, but the crock-pot offers a greater variety of recipes to try. You can find many recipe ideas online that do not require a lot of preparation time. You can easily prepare the ingredients at night while it’s cool, and then pop them in the pot in the morning. An easy pancake breakfast will keep everyone happy till lunch when the crock-pot will yield a filling and nutritious meal without you having to melt in the kitchen.


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