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Johnson’s Baby Cares Helping Children with Care

This past Mother’s Day was incredible. The day before I witnessed my oldest, Jake, marry his high school sweetheart. It was a week of crazy emotion. Of course I was joyous, but there’s a place in your heart as a mother that seems to take you on a journey of memories when events like a wedding take place.


My son, Jake

Jake and I had lunch one day before his wedding and it was truly a time of reflection. Growing up I encouraged (okay, sometimes I demanded) my children participate in anything and everything. There were two summers that Jake was a volunteer Jr. Life Guard. Trust me, he hated every minute of it, but it taught him work ethic and that sometimes it’s okay when things are quiet. We spent a lot of time doing Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Here, Jake grew as a leader. He learned to problem solve, motivate others and as a family we spent a lot of time doing service projects.

We also traveled a lot. Together we had the opportunity to see Hawaii twice and all but Jake enjoyed Alaska–Jake was in sixth grade and told us, “it isn’t a once in a lifetime opportunity”. We traveled, sometimes unconventionally, vowing to live and see it like locals and  sometimes throwing a twist for the kiddos announcing, “We’re going to see if we can “do” Seattle for $12 this weekend!” (that was $12 total, not each and it’s totally do-able!)

All of these moments were about fostering our relationship and learning to love one another. So much of Jake’s important years were consumed by service projects. We planted trees. We helped at the dump. We organized food drives. We said “yes” to pretty much anything that would help our communities, our neighbors or our nation.

I look at the young man Jake is today and I am proud of him. I sincerely believe that encouraging my family to give to others passionately and unconditionally is partially responsible for who he is today.

Johnson and Johnson’s takes my Mommy Mission one-step further by launching an incredible program called, JOHNSON’s Baby Cares. This program is designed to support the healthy development of mothers and their children around the world, ensuring that they have a healthy start. The Johnson’s Baby Cares program partners with Save the Children and new mom, Hilary Duff.

As mothers, we instinctually care for and want to protect our children. Even in difficult times, we find it within ourselves to selflessly nurture our babies. Motherhood can be very challenging at times – no matter the circumstances. Just watch the news, there are disasters that affect our children. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child in a tornado, a hurricane or due to malnutrition.

This is where Johnson’s Baby Cares comes in. They are donating Baby “Care Kits” to Save the Children, who will in turn distribute them to families struck by disaster. It’s truly paying it forward. Each “Care Kit” has the necessities like wash, lotions, shampoos and diaper creams. They are things we may take for granted but are so precious to these families who have endured disaster.

There is so much good in this cause. I encourage you to visit Johnson’s Facebook page to learn more.  If you’re inclined, take a moment to click to donate (from a secure site) via Google Wallet, mail, PayPal or credit card. It’s easy whether you choose a one time donation or a recurring donation. Feel free to donate their suggested amounts or give what you can.

It can even be the donation of your time…less than one minute. In addition to their Facebook Page, Johnson’s will donate an additional $50,000 to Save the Children when they achieve 500,000 views on their “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom — You’re Doing OK” video, posted above, which is just over a minute in length. It’s a great investment and costs only your time.
Johnson’s Baby Cares is a worthy cause because it addresses a need that can often be overlooked — simple hygiene products for babies.

Disclosure:  I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Johnson & Johnson and received a promotional item to thank me for my participation

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