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Infographic: Coffee 101

This week has been a doozie at work. I know this because, by 7am, my usual cup of coffee is approaching three. By Noon, I have to remind myself to pace myself or just totally abort the coffee intake–immediately!

coffee cup

I’m not alone, seems coast-to-coast coffee is a beverage to be consumed. Whether it’s the fuel that gets your day started or the cup that helps you catch up with friends. It’s an integral part of our everyday lives.

Take a peek at the KRUPS Infographic below. “Coffee 101” visually outlines how Americans across the country prefer their coffee and provides fun tips to perfect your own at-home brewing!

Coffee Preferences Across the USA:

  1. West Coast Delight: Californians adore their cold brews and love adding almond milk.
  2. Southern Charm: In the South, sweet iced coffee with a hint of cinnamon reigns supreme.
  3. Midwest Classic: Midwesterners prefer classic drip coffee with cream and sugar.
  4. East Coast Energy: New Yorkers favor lattes with extra shots of espresso.
  5. Northern Cozy: The North enjoys cozy cappuccinos with a dusting of cocoa.

Perfecting Your At-Home Brew:

Learn the secrets to brewing a perfect cup of coffee, tailored to your taste. This section includes tips on selecting the right beans, grind size, water temperature, and more.

History of Coffee:

Discover the rich history of coffee, from its ancient origins to the global phenomenon it is today.

Variations of Coffee:

Explore different coffee variations like espresso, macchiato, and Americano, each with its unique charm.

Ingredients Unveiled:

Get an in-depth look at the primary components of a cup of coffee: beans, water, and milk. Learn about their qualities and how they influence the flavor.

Expert Tips:

Industry experts share their wisdom on achieving the perfect brew, including advice on choosing the right equipment and achieving the ideal coffee-to-water ratio.

Storage and Leftovers:

Learn how to store coffee beans for freshness and what to do with leftover brewed coffee.

Enjoy exploring the KRUPS “Coffee 101” infographic and take your coffee-brewing skills to the next level!

coffee 101infographic

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