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iKeyMonitor Android Spy App Tracks Everything

If you want to learn about cell phone spy applications, it is best to start by reading reviews about Android spy applications. In a world where people share their most intimate data and even racy pictures and videos, it is perfectly possible to know a person better than he or she knows themselves. Decades ago, spying on a human being through a telephone was impossible. Today is a reality.

iKeyMonitor Android Spy App Tracks Everything for You

There are many applications available for Android and iOS that allow us to do this. But probably almost none is superior to iKeyMonitor Android spy app. This app allows us to control each and every one of the activities of a mobile device that works with the Android operating system. There is no better starting point than iKeyMonitor.

iKeyMonitor Android spy app is very easy to use and configure even for those who do not know much about technology. Simply download and install the application on the device you want to monitor. After configuring the app, you will create an account and a location where you can receive the data, such as an FTP account or an e-mail address.

Why Do I Need a Spy App?

For example, if you are an employer and have given all your employees smartphones or tablets owned by the company, an Android spy app will help you discover what these devices are used for. You can also find out how competent and responsible your employees are, and make sure they don´t share confidential information with your competitors.

Another utility would be to spy on your own device. It is true that self-espionage does not seem necessary, but at a time when our cell phone is so important, it´s very useful to know if others have used our smartphones and for what purpose. Besides, you can find a lost cellphone easily when it’s stolen or lost.

Android spy app is also very useful as a parental control. With this app parents can know where their children go, what they do, what problems they have, or who they talk to.

What Can iKeyMonitor Android Spy App Do for You?

Android spy app features overview

After viewing what iKeyMonitor can do for you, you will understand why it’s a top choice for parental control and employee monitoring.

  • Android spy app can view the web browser history of the spied phone.
  • Register and save chat conversations from Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, and other social networks in the iKeyMonitor online control panel.
  • Access any multimedia file sent or received through the monitored smartphone.
  • Android spy app allows you to hear and record the sounds and conversations around the smartphone.
  • Log keystrokes, passwords, contacts, and emails composed.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Only authorized persons can access the information collected.
  • Automatic screenshots
  • Track GPS location
  • Set up Geo-fencing alerts
  • Spy on photos and videos in the album
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Record live surroundings
  • Invisible mode (so the spied person cannot know that the application is installed)

 iKeyMonitor offers a support page with live chat and an option to send claims. They also provide a Frequently Asked Questions section, as well as a user’s guide. It is also possible to contact the company by phone.

iKeyMonitor Android spy app is a quite cheap application because its initial cost is $50 per month. They also offer a 25% discount for plans at this time and a 3-day free trial demo. Without a doubt, it´s one of the best monitoring applications available in the market right now. A recommendable investment.

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