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Idina Menzel, I Stand Review Your Soul Needs This

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I truly had no idea who Idina Menzel was when I first heard the name.

Then my 15-year old son pointed out I did know her from the Disney Movie, Enchanted.

Hmmm…now I had a face.

Then he added she was on Broadway and had performed in Wicked and Rent.

Suddenly, there was a voice.

The album, I Stand, followed and I must admit, I was taken by the power in the voice and the lyrics.

Idina Menzel will leave you in awe at her voice range and the emotion with which she sings.

I Stand is an album that will have you coming back for more and each time discovering something new in the message.

There are ten songs that will leave you wanting more.

I was surprised to discover that in addition to her great voice, she also wrote the songs on this album, which was produced by Glen Ballard–you know the name from Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill and most recent album, Flavors of Entanglement.

I Stand is an album that appeals to everyone.

My children ages 2-18 enjoy the music and are starting to sing along, we’ve listened to it so often.

Definitely a “must-have” for any music collection.


I Stand
Better To Have Loved
Where Do I Begin?
Don’t Let Me Down
I Feel Everything
Perfume And Promises
I Stand (Acoustic)
Let Me Fall (unreleased)

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