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I Won a Bea’s Gift Basket!!

Forever, “Bea’s Gift Baskets” will be my reminder that I have the “Best Love Story”!

There are many things I love. Among them are writing and “William.”

Occasionally, I find a blog that inspires me, a blog like One2Try. I love her writing, her reviews, and her fun and flirty giveaways! I also appreciate Rita, the creator. She is an amazing woman who is dedicated to her blog and readers.

SOMETIMES, the opportunity presents itself where ALL three of my FAVORITE things get together and ignite the passion and joy in each of them!

While visiting One2Try one day, last month, I saw she had a Review and Giveaway for “Bea’s Gift Baskets”. The review was inviting, but the Giveaway encouraged me to write about “The Best Love Story”! Wowie! Wow! Wow! Wow!

It’s been almost 25 years since that moment when love put a sparkle in my eye and gave the definition of LOVE to me at last.

Here’s an excerpt from my “entry”:

“His hair halo-ed his face with soft curls woven with golden thread. His eyes captured the sky and all the stars and reflected them back to me in their sea of blue. His eyebrows sat in heaps above more lashes than Maybelline could pack into it’s pink tube.”

On January 26, I received an email from Rita at One2Try letting me know I had won! I had “The Best Love Story!” Seriously, I screamed! I was THAT excited!

The prize: ANY basket I chose from “Bea’s Gift Baskets”!!! Amazing, I know…but TRUE!!!

You would not believe the selection at “Bea’s”! Candy Bouquets. Gift Baskets with cuddly critters. Gourmet Gift Baskets for two! Valentine’s Gift Baskets

My mind was reeling from the news I’d won, and there was a FORT of fun baskets and bouquets to look at and read wonderful descriptions…I wanted them ALL! Greedy, I know…but TRUE!!

So, almost 24-hours later, I had my choice. I opted for a fun and creative Valentine for my kiddos. My six year old says Valentine’s Day is her second favorite Holiday!

My choice: The “Lovin’ M&Ms” Basket and it arrived yesterday! Wowza! It is awesome!

I love the black bucket with the heart design. It’s classy! The detailed cellophane makes it festive, and boy! Oh, Boy! are there a LOT of M&Ms!

There is such a variety of M&Ms in this basket; maybe that’s why it’s named ‘Lovin’ M&Ms”!

The attention to detail is just awesome. It also included this personalized gift card. It melted my heart all over!
I was stressing about how I would hide the delivery when it came. Li’l Man has ears like you wouldn’t believe, and it’s a mad dash for the door if he hears anyone coming up the steps. I was impressed that the basket came cleverly concealed in a brown box. Even if Li’l Man could have read, he’d have rendered not a clue from the box. How awesome is that?!
I’m ecstatic with this win. If you’re still looking for a perfect gift for the Super Star in your “BEST LOVE STORY” I recommend “Bea’s Gift Baskets”. The quality and selection are amazing, and the pricing is just as delicious as the basket!
I can’t wait for Valentine’s Day when this Lovin’ M&Ms basket brings huge smiles to my Lovies!
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