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How to Make Sure Your Brain Stays Sharp

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Your brain, just like the muscles in your body, needs to be stimulated to keep functioning on an optimal level so it’s of utmost importance that you keep it stimulated so it can be on top of its game.

One easy way to train your brain is by elaborating on old skills or knowledge so you can better remember things.

Another way to keep your brain in peak shape is by learning new things so your brain will develop more neural connections.

Finally, two great ways to keep your brain thinking clearly is by presenting your brain with novel challenges such as those involved in word and number games.

This article will go over four easy things you can do to make sure your brain stays sharp. 

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Elaborate on Old Skills

When it comes to many skills and your brain if you don’t use it you lose it so one simple way to keep your brain sharp is by practicing old skills.

When you don’t use a skill for a given period of time the neural connections associated with it will begin to fade but luckily by practicing those skills again you can build stronger connections associated with them.

Similarly, if you want to easily remember knowledge about a subject, be sure to practice it often and learn a variety of subjects within that topic to get the best overall recall results.

Learn New Things

Learning new things is an important component of keeping your brain working optimally as your brain will be forming new synapses.

When you learn new things your brain will make a variety of new neural connections that links the new topic to existing knowledge bases in your base which can help further strengthen the latter.

On the other hand, if your brain isn’t stimulated by learning new things this can lead to some unwanted effects.

For instance, it’s been noted in a few studies that elderly people who constantly learn new things are far less likely to develop Alzheimer’s than those who don’t actively learn.

Still, have fun and maybe give your brain a rest and use a spin wheel to make less important decisions.

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Practice Word Problems

We use words all the time in our day-to-day lives but if you want to actively develop as well as maintain the language sections of your brain you need to give it a challenge from time to time.

Games that involve generating words out of a set of letters can do much to help you improve your vocabulary and help reduce the amount of “the word’s on the tip of my tongue” moments in your day-to-day life.

By adulthood, many language functions of the brain for most people are second nature so by giving your brain a new novel language-related task you can help coax your brain into further development allowing you to better use words and have a more diverse vocabulary.

Word generating games like Scrabble are great for helping this process as are games that involve riddles like crossword puzzles.

Practice Number Games

Numbers are all around us so being able to use and understand them effectively is the cornerstone of success in many tasks of everyday life.

Practicing math is always a great way of improving your numerical skills but if this isn’t down your alley there are a variety of numb er games that can help stimulate your brain and keep it sharp as can be.

Number games like Sudoku are great at expanding your numerical sense as well as spatial skills at the same time so there are plenty of reasons to do them as often as possible.

Unlike classic math problems these games present numbers in an abstract format which means that your brain has to develop new strategies to help solve these problems in an efficient manner.

Many of these strategies are subconscious and luckily can be translated to other parts of your life to help you accomplish number-related tasks more efficiently.

Your brain is your most valuable asset in life so it’s critical you take steps to make sure it’s working as optimally as possible.

If you find that you have trouble remembering old skills or knowledge, practice them again and dig deeper into the subject to get the best memory results.

If you want to keep your brain in tip-top working shape you have to keep it stimulated and one of the best ways of accomplishing this is by learning new things.

Finally, everyone uses words and numbers in their day-to-day lives so if you want to improve on these skills try practicing word and number games to help train your brain to be more flexible when problem-solving.

With these four easy methods, you can keep your brain as sharp as can be so you can be ready for whatever challenges life presents you.

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